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Super Junior's Ryeowook harshly fires back at a netizen who told him to 'lose weight or leave the team'


Super Junior's Ryeowook was seen harshly firing back at an alleged "fan" leaving a malicious comment on his YouTube channel.

One netizen, who claimed they were a "fan" of Super Junior, commented on one of Ryeowook's YouTube videos,

"Ryeowook.. Let's go on a diet already, just because you're dating is that a reason to be lazy with your image care? If that's how it is, then how can you keep making money off of fans.. Just leave the group and go open a cafe with your girlfriend or something.. As someone who has been a fan for over 10 years, I pity you."

In response, Ryeowook himself replied, 

"You pity me. Well I pity you.

You liked me for 10 years. That's kind of scary. I wonder if throughout those 10 years, the person you really loved was not me, but yourself and the act of being someone's devoted fan. I hope you will be able to look at yourself as who you really are. Also, I didn't make the money that I made because of you, I made money by working hard in my own place. The time that I spent on this career is filled with effort that you can't even begin to imagine, and it is my own path. Don't speak carelessly. And don't live while hurting others. That energy that you are spending is going to waste. Don't love anyone else either. Just live all alone your whole life. So you won't be able to hurt anyone else."

Many netizens applauded Ryeowook's sharp words, stating, "Good job Ryeowook kekekeke", "Just live your own life and quit wasting your time hating on other people", "Well put. So many fans who are so drunk on their own devotion to fandom culture need a reality check", "I agree with what Ryeowook said, but the best treatment for people like that is to ignore them", and more. 

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bkibz764 pts 7 days ago 1
7 days ago

Good for you Ryeoweok. Firstly, Korea’s weight standards for idols is unrealistic and disgusting and who da f do these netizens think they are.


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Potter107188 pts 7 days ago 2
7 days ago

👏ICONIC👏 ugh its so fcking refreshing to hear this response. Idols need to stop catering to these irrational ppl who claim to be fans. Like its so easy to sit behind a screen and just say oh I'm a fan and then proceed to blatantly hate on someone and celebrities need to see through that instead of taking it as instruction or the truth.

Also what he said about earning his money through hardwork made me so fcking happy cos I feel so frustrated when fans say you made all that money because of us. Like no they provided you with a service and a product and you gave money in return that's what any transaction is ffs, it's not like you're donating money to them.

(And if you chose to buy more than 1 album to increase sales or get photocards then that was a decision you made by yourself. Stop acting as tho you made these ppls lives when what you actually did was buy an album because you liked it.)


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