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HaHa thinks K-Pop companies should reveal all idol couples at the same time in order to avoid scandals


HaHa has suggested a potential method for K-Pop agencies to deal with idols' dating scandals.

In a recent video uploaded on Studio Lululala, HaHa sat down with Park Myung Soo and Park Joon Hyung and talked about ways to deal with dating scandals in the entertainment industry. 

When Park Myung Soo asked the 1st-generation idol if he has ever had a scandal, the g.o.d member responded: "Yes, of course. It wasn't a scandal; we were actually dating. It's not a sin for humans to date. I just didn't want to hide anything back then."

Then, HaHa shared that he wants K-Pop companies to deal with dating scandals in this particular way:

"I wish all the idols who are dating could plan ahead with all the other idol couples and their respective companies. Then, they could all reveal themselves at the same time. No press would be able to decide which couple's story to cover. I know for a fact that there are so many couples. All the companies can just get together at the same time and reveal everything."

He added: "Whenever a couple breaks up, they can get together with fifty other couples that also broke up recently and reveal their stories simultaneously. Only then, wouldn't [the industry] become free?"

To this idea, netizens burst into laughter and reacted with comments such as:

"then the community sites would go crazy and no group would make a comeback for about a monthㅋㅋㅋ"

"K-Pop would dieㅋㅋㅋ"

"welcome to K-Pop's funeral"

"even if this would be for the fans, wouldn't some couples want to keep it private..?"

"I actually like HaHa's ideaㅋㅋㅋ I just wish our country could also be more open about dating. It's a bit strange to think that the couples would have to keep it secret not even for their own good but for the opinions of others. Dating is not even a big dealㅋㅋㅋIt's not even a crime haha it's natural"

"I do wish the atmosphere would change, though. This is a bit too radical, but I think the more idols are open about scandals, the respective fandoms become more lenient and open-minded about dating."

"I understand HaHa's sentiment though"

"I just think that entire situation would be so funny"

"LOL K-Pop's funeral"

"K-Pop idols are cool and are 'idolized' because there's an element of mystery..."

"I disagree, because this would be like telling all the university campus couples and company colleagues to open up about their relationships"

What do you think of HaHa's suggestion?

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