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'Unpopular idol' member garners attention for personally promoting his group by writing a post on a well-known online community


An "unpopular idol group" member is gaining attention for personally promoting himself and his group, by writing a post on a popular online community. 

On August 28, a post on an idol fan community titled "Hello, I'm Bon of BZ Boyz!" began to garner attention, quickly becoming one of the most-viewed posts of the day. 

The post, written by member Bon of the idol group BZ Boys, read:

"Hello everyone.
There may be some who remember me, and some who do not, but I just wanted to let some people know how I am feeling, and so I am writing this post.
I know that some of you told me never to come on this community again, but I was not able to keep that promise, so first, I apologize to you for that...
About a year ago, I received so much love and support because of the help that those of you on this community gave me. After that, due to various circumstances, our group's comeback was delayed again and again, but finally we have made our first comeback in one year.
It was the comeback stage we so longed for, and we are so happy for the opportunity as we take to the stage each time, but because we are such a small and remote group, many people have no idea that we even made a comeback. 
It's true that our team lacks in many areas, however, we worked so hard in the past year for a chance to meet you all. I know that the entertainment industry is not an easy place, not at all. I am certain that numerous sunbae artists and hoobae artists reached the high places that they are now through immense effort. 
Still, in honesty, I am very afraid...
Our group is full of unique members with a lot of charm. The song that we made a comeback with is also a really good one that we want a lot of people to listen to. 
I am so sorry for asking for help again through a post like this. I think my members and our fans will worry about me, but I want to continue promoting as an idol for a long time and show people effort, improvement, and skill, and to do that, we must become successful. 
I promise that our team will work very hard during our promotions! Please, just give us one chance. Thank you!!" 

Back in 2020, BZ Boys member Bon became a buzz on the same online community after one community user said, "There's an idol from a really unpopular group who reads every Korean comment he sees on 'V Live'." 

It was soon revealed that the idol mentioned was Bon of BZ Boys, and a few days later, many online community users decided to pay Bon a visit by watching his 'V Live'. The 'V Live' broadcast drew more viewers than Bon had ever seen before, and even reached 1 million hearts midway through. Seeing the response, Bon began to shed tears and decided to thank the community users who came to his aid. 

Now, seeing Bon return to the online community to greet users once again in person, netizens commented:

"You guys, let's at least listen to their song once and watch the MV once."
"I just went and listened to your song! It's good! I'm gonna listen to some of your other songs too. I'll be cheering you guys on!"
"Heol this is real. I remember the last time he came on here too. Be strong and keep working hard!"
"I'm gonna remember this group's name and search it on YouTube."
"I remember watching that 'V Live'! I saw that you guys made a comeback on 'Music Bank' recently. I'll cheer for you guys!"
"This is honestly something that no one had the guts to do before. These communities are known for being ruthless to idols with no name. No one uses their real names on these communities because it can be so mentally damaging, but despite all that, this idol decided to take a chance."
"I saw you guys on a music program the other day. You have good live!"
"Oh yeah, of course I remember you! I watched that 'V Live'."
"To be honest this is like abandoning all your pride..."
"But I really hope he doesn't come on this community too much... people here say awful things."

Meanwhile, BZ Boys recently kicked off promotions with "Close Your Eyes", the title track from their digital single album 'Contrast'. 

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Lunelvr1,761 pts 27 days ago 4
27 days ago

Man it’s so sad how 97% of the kpop industry isn’t much different than him

Finding a stable place in this industry is too hard and most of the time ur hard work doesn’t pay off so I would personally never become idol just for money cuz there is no guarantee..what this boy did is sth actually hard- I mean he took his pride down and asked for help? Not many ppl would do it.

Anyways I hope this boy and his group will have a breakthrough and get another chance to stay cuz it seems like they genuinely want it..


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dc222a1,397 pts 27 days ago 0
27 days ago

BZ-Boys is so great. I love their latest title track "Close Your Eyes." Definitely deserves more attention!



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