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Netizens say April members Naeun, Chaewon, Yena, and Jinsol lied in their latest interview


Shortly after the four girls of April - Naeun, Chaewon, Yena, and Jinsol - sat down for an interview revealing the details of the bullying controversy involving Hyunjoo, Korean netizens have written posts on online communities revealing that the girls were lying.

On June 22 KST, Sports Kyunghyang News released an interview with the April members who stated that they are all receiving therapy after suffering from extreme psychological pain. The four members also claimed that they were the victims and that Hyunjoo was, in fact, the bully. The members stated in the interview, "We were all scared of Hyunjoo. How can we pick on a person like that nevertheless bully her and ostracise her? Doesn't make sense."

Naeun, Chaewon, Yena, and Jinsol also revealed that they were the ones who comforted Hyunjoo, who couldn't adjust to the dorm life. They stated, "We tried to comfort Hyunjoo who had a hard time adjusting to the dorm life and there's even a video we did a birthday party for her. We didn't record that for broadcast but it was a real surprise birthday party. Hyunjoo was really happy back then. If the bullying rumors were true, those videos wouldn't exist."


The members stated that they were close enough with Hyunjoo that they took sticker photos together prior to their debut in 2015.  However, angered Korean netizens have taken it into their own hands to prove this claim to be incorrect. One netizen created a post with the title "April lied again, lol," in a popular online community post, to which they explained that the birthday party and sticker photos were for a broadcast show.

The creator of the post explained, "Hyunjoo claimed she was bullied since she was a trainee but the members refuted her claims saying that they were close enough to take sticker photos together."

Then the netizen revealed that the sticker photos weren't from prior to their debut but were in fact taken during the group's 2016 show 'April's My Wish.' Using a screenshot as evidence, the netizen claims the members can be seen wearing the same clothes that they wore in the sticker photos.


Due to this lie, netizens are now speculating that the April members are probably lying about the other claims they have made against Hyunjoo. Many of them commented, "how can they share that sticker photo as being from when they were trainees when it's obvious they were not," "April is always lying. Everything from their mouth is a lie," "Hyunjoo's hair accessory is the same in the photo too from that episode," "They were saying that the sticker photos are from 2015 but it was from 2016. If they were from 2015, then Somin should be there too," "Wow if they are going to say something, they should make the effort to match the timeline at least or be consistent in what they claim..." "They keep saying Hyunjoo was insincere and wanted to be an actress but I really don't understand. They were the people who made Hyunjoo sick and Hyunjoo kept promoting even though she couldn't breathe properly, and they're saying she was insincere?" "If they were scared of her, they wouldn't have intentionally moved the camera to not show her and stuff. LOL," and "Hyunjoo's brother and her friend were found as innocent..."

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red_beryl4,808 pts Monday, June 21, 2021 10
Monday, June 21, 2021

Lmao such an embarrassing victim cosplay, every time they try to prove she was a bully they get caught on lying. Sad and pathetic


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Lovelyz_day249 pts Monday, June 21, 2021 20
Monday, June 21, 2021

Also like their whole defense is “we were seen together, so how can we bully her?” That’s such as shitty defense. They were in the same group together, of course pictures of them are gone be around, this pictures don’t prove that they didn’t bully her. Whoever their PR person is needs to be fired because they are doing as it job and exposing them as liars and bullies


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