Posted by Susan-Han Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Actor Kim Jung Hyun's legal representatives issues official statement regarding his conflict with former agency + his position on drama 'Time'


On May 12, actor Kim Jung Hyun's legal representative issued an official statement to address various issues the actor has become embroiled in recently, including the internal conflict with her former agency, his past behavior as a cast member of the drama 'Time', etc. 

First, Kim Jung Hyun's legal representative stated, "As of May 12 at 12 AM KST, Kim Jung Hyun's official contract with O& Entertainment has formally expired. Ever since conflicting views regarding the contract arose, Kim Jung Hyun's side has tried to come to a settlement on peaceful terms with the agency, in order to avoid the situation growing out of hand into a dirty fight. However, the agency continued to display behavior which made Kim Jung Hyun question its trustworthiness and clarity. We have finally concluded that the agency has no intention of coming to any form of settlement, and so we intend to debunk the lies and recover Kim Jung Hyun's damaged character."

The statement continued, "The reason that Kim Jung Hyun has remained silent all this time was due to the fact that he felt responsible for his failure to fulfill his duties as the leading actor of the drama 'Time'. He felt that his first priority was to apologize to all those affected by that incident. Kim Jung Hyun also hoped to respect the agency's position regarding this past incident, but over time, the agency has growingly put forward false claims related to these events."

According to Kim Jung Hyun's side, "Prior to his casting in 'Time', Kim Jung Hyun was suffering from severe health issues. On the day of the press conference, Kim Jung Hyun's condition was severe to the point that he experienced vomiting on the day of the event; however, the agency forced the press conference on him despite his health problems."

In addition, "Short of protecting it's own artists, the agency has recorded financial deficits every year and is in the final stages of closing down due to lack of business funds. All the while, the agency has chosen to defame Kim Jung Hyun's image by turning to the media to create a controversy surrounding the actor's exclusive contract issues. As of today, Kim Jung Hyun will be taking strict legal action against his former agency regarding all of the matters stated above."

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miameow2311,811 pts Tuesday, May 11, 2021 0
Tuesday, May 11, 2021

It was his fault for his behaviour but I don't think people should ignore the fact that he was suffering from eating and sleeping disorders along with depression .

Moreover the one who released all the news against him including providing a tip for Dispatch seems to be his own company.



tristanah4,842 pts Wednesday, May 12, 2021 0
Wednesday, May 12, 2021

I hope everyone that jumped in the bandwagon of hate to understand that while an artist or idol is under contract with a company/agency, they have no voice in defending themselves even by just presenting their version of the story so the company and yellow media take advantage and defame them with narratives/allegations which can't be refute effectively by the artists and the public thinks that since they are silent it means that what one side provides it's the holy truth. The artist has to leave the company or even the industry in order to be able to defend themselves and hire their own lawyer all the more if it's about legal problems.



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