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MAMAMOO's Whee In opens up about her tracks on solo mini album 'Redd'


MAMAMOO's Whee In has opened up about the tracks on her solo debut mini album 'Redd'.

In a recent interview, Whee In opened up about her solo debut, saying, "I've been more serene and sentimental before, but this time I wanted to express my own colors, dazzling and diverse." On her title song "Water Color", the MAMAMOO member said it was about herself, and she loves the lyric, "I look good in everything."

She also shared, "I've really wanted to write a song about my pet cat and one for my fans, and I'm happy both songs are included in this mini-album," referring to "OHOO" and "Spring Time". 

Have you heard Whee In's "Water Color" yet?

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I think Wheein's best sounding track is "Butterfly" with G.Soul. The melody is good but a big part of the arrangement and instrumentation was flawed. It needs real sounding piano and I think having a start and end would have served the song better than a "fade out". A lyric tweak like "Now that I've found you/I can't be without you" emotionally connects better with the rest of the lyrics compared to repeating the former twice.

Extending the handclaps over the "Now that I found you" parts feel better than "bits and pieces" sprinkled in the song.

The "Fly High" two-part harmonies with the guitar sounds so beautiful that they could do it a second time: 1.)Fly High harmonies with guitar 2.)Wheein gets out her vocals adlibs 3.)Fly High harmonies with guitar, then the song ends. This is more of an extended performance version.


1.) Connect "I'll erase these memories" with G.Soul singing "Now I forget you" right after 2.) Wheein gets out her vocal adlibs 3.) Fly High harmonies with guitar once, then the song ends. This is a more acceptable album version compared to the "fade out/radio friendly" version.

"No Thanks" could be a better song if the melody was improved and had a better feeling groove. RBW was on to something, but they didn't hit the bullseye. The bassline sounds like "bass keys" when it should have been "bass guitar". Real sounding drum might serve the song better in partnership with the bass guitar.The "soul keys" and organ were good. Keep the jazzy guitar licks, toss the bluesy ones.



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She's the best singer in Mamamoo IMO. I hope her album does well!



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