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TWICE members say they couldn't debut without a foreign language certificate even if they sing and dance perfectly


Recently, TWICE revealed the qualifications needed to debut as a global idol group with JYP Entertainment.

The members sat down and revealed the story behind their debut on the episode of SBS's 'Legendary Stage: Archive K' that aired on March 14th.

On this day, host Sung Si Kyung asked the members, "Is there a special education that the non-Korean members receive?"

Sana, a member who is Japanese, replied, "Momo and I received education on the Korean language for three years. When we first came to Korea, we didn't speak a word of Korean."

Then MC Dara asked, "Don't the other members also learn Chinese or Japanese?" to which Jihyo replied, "The company made me get a foreign language certificate for Chinese" and surprised the viewers.

Nayeon then added, "We couldn't debut if we didn't have a foreign language certificate," revealing the special condition for TWICE to debut.

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saltymeow110 pts 27 days ago 3
27 days ago

I can see how foreign languages can help with popularity and make idols even more interesting. However, it shouldn't be a number one focus unless a non-Korean idol has to learn Korean for obvious reasons. Otherwise, it should be treated as something idols can do if they wish to and that's when the company should help them. But dancing, rapping, singing etc. should still remain priority.


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miameow233,071 pts 27 days ago 3
27 days ago

Well if they are debuting in Korea they need to know Korean.

Though I don't see the need to make it compulsory for Korean trainees to learn other languages.


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