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Track List:

1. Get Away

2. Numbness

VERIVERY has returned their second single album, SERIES 'O' [ROUND 1: HALL]. This drop gifts fans with two songs: lead title, "Get Away," and B-side, "Numbness." "O" is a huge thematic element in this release as it indicates the dark inner space that each member must navigate. This follow-up is said to feel movie-like and notably more mysterious than the releases the group has put out prior.

Despite the aggressive nature of their last release, "GBTB," the group has refined their sound once again into a dynamic single. The song boasts a progression that ramps up slowly; however, the song is a safe bet with not too many risks. That being said, the group's synergy does feel elevated on this single release as the members have clearly matured as they've transitioned away from the Face It series. 

Frankly, I wish the B-side, "Numbness," was the title as I found it significantly more interesting than "Get Away." Once again, this song has showcased the maturation of their signature sound through more difficult vocals and an overall concept that is harder to execute. "Numbness" has a series of twists and turns paired with a loud and rambunctious chorus that really stuck with me after the initial listen. I would recommend this track over the title.


With an intriguing mix between futuristic elements and forest scenes, the MV for "Get Away" by VERIVERY is an interesting and compelling creation that gives credibility and depth to their title song. This MV begins with the group camping and running through a forest. A futuristic drone-like orb and cutting-edge choreography overtake and contrast the natural aspects of their forest scenes in a deeply engaging way. The orb showcased in the MV is a way for the group to enter this sort of forbidden party. As weird as this all sounds, the MV is well-shot with extremely high-quality SFX. 


MV Relevance…..7

MV Production…..9

MV Concept……..8

MV Score: 8.0


Single Production…...7

Single Concept ……... 7

Tracklisting…………... n/a

Single Score: 7.0

Overall: 7.5

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