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Former Stray Kids member Woojin personally addresses false sexual harassment rumors


Former Stray Kids member Woojin addressed false sexual harassment rumors during a recent Instagram live.

Shortly after leaving Stray Kids and JYP Entertainment in October of 2019, Woojin was accused of sexually harassing women at a bar, which his label 10x Entertainment denied. The label also provided proof Woojin was home when the alleged sexual harassment took place.

Woojin recently took to his Instagram and shared his feelings about the allegations. He expressed, "It's true it was very difficult when I was first damaged by the rumors," adding, "I learned it's not easy to clarify something that's not true. I hope no one will be damaged by malicious commenters anymore."

Since the accusations broke out, it's been revealed an overseas Twitter user spread the malicious rumors, and police have discovered the rumors were started by an anti-fan living in Brazil, who stole images of a non-celebrity and alleged it was Woojin. 

In other news, Woojin is currently preparing for an official solo debut. He's also hosting the podcast 'wooAlog' and video content 'wooVlog' on Spotify.

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tristanah4,266 pts 24 days ago 9
24 days ago

The mentality "guilty until proven innocent" and the cancel culture of SK society make easier for anonymous accusers and media tabloids to defame and ruin celebrities' careers and reputation in a blink of an eye based solely on allegations and the public is more than willing to jump in their bandwagon without a second thought. The allegations which are most effective are those that imply sex, drugs, money and bullying and once this machinery started is very hard to be stopped even with legal evidences/verdicts.


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Daxel1,655 pts 24 days ago 0
24 days ago

Them accusations had them Stray Kids fans(The die hard ones), going hard thinking he was guilty. XD



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