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Former A-JAX member Yunyoung speaks up in April's defense


Former A-JAX member Yunyoung criticized Hyunjoo.

Yunyoung, a former A-JAX member and DSP Media labelmate, wrote a long post on his Instagram story. The story read, "I'm so upset so I'll just lay out the facts. When you talk to your friends, do you just tell them the truth? People automatically end up saying only their side instead of objectively laying out both sides when you're ranting to friends. Hyunjoo was probably upset because things didn't go her way. But the [April members] had it worse. Hyunjoo, sorry, but I gotta say what I gotta say. Because of you, I feel so bad for the kids... While I was in DSP Media, I saw the entire thing that April went through. Hyunjoo suddenly stopped coming to practice and schedules were broken all the time. It's true you can be sick and weak. But then you should've quit early. But you wanted to do what you wanted and you wanted to take it easy. How can you live like that? You're not a soloist - you're in a team. These girls would cry until their eyes were swollen in the training room. If they tried to talk to her, she wouldn't listen. Members spend more time together than family.

Everyone knows that Hyunjoo is the visual. But if you can't follow, then you should've worked harder than anyone else. I only saw a one-sided story so I think you have to know the facts. Stop saying that no one just stood by and watched and that they were all perpetrators. Hyunjoo, the members really worked hard to keep the group... You only wanted to shine yourself, but the members put the team and the fans first.. You were all young so it was probably hard to hide, but how can they bully you when you refused to listen to anything or talk? You were bullied? Please stop hurting people by just going with the ride. 

And Somin, who's a KARD member right now... She's someone who worked so hard when she was little without trying to pull any stops. She used to lead April as their leader and by keeping her tears back as they practiced choreography. Is it a crime to work hard? They worked so hard to be here, so maybe she didn't want them to success? Hyunjoo, I support your future. I hope no one gets hurt."

However, netizens were not impressed - they left comments such as "Check the facts? Did you check the facts yourself? Are you sure these are 'facts' as you say? Did you live with them in their dorm?", "Are you saying bullying can be justified somehow?", "Thanks for sharing - you've basically confirmed she was bullied," and more.

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LilMsMarie301 pts Monday, March 1, 2021 9
Monday, March 1, 2021

I mean, he's not related to this situation at all. Not related to any of the APRIL members and not even under DSP anymore so he had no reason to speak up like he has. I don't see a reason why he would lie about what he witnessed seeing from Hyunjoo and the girls. What does he have to benefit from coming out with this statement? Honestly, reading what he said makes me think there's more to the story than what Hyunjoo told her brother and that friend. One of those netizens said "did you live with them at their dorms?" but the thing is .. the brother and friend didn't live there either, only being told what happened from one point of view..Hyunjoo's. I don't think if you only have one side that's "checking all the facts" ...hmm .... Don't burn me at the stake guys. Just stating my opinion. It could be more complicated than we think.


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pinupgirl1581,249 pts Monday, March 1, 2021 1
Monday, March 1, 2021

I totally believe this guy cause he’s got nothing to lose. He’s not even promoting anything.

What he said is true though, of course the friend and brother’s bias but they don’t know the other side of the story.


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