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EXO's Baekhyun says he will be enlisting in the mandatory military service soon


On March 26, EXO's Baekhyun logged on Instagram live to talk with his fans.

He talked about various topics, from his upcoming album to his promotions with SuperM. However, fans were surprised when Baekhyun confessed that he will be enlisting soon.

He explained to fans that the end of March is the latest he can postpone his enlistment. He said, "I was thinking about how I can say this. And I thought I should only say the facts for my EXO-Ls to understand. The end of March was the cutline (to enlist). So within that time, I am preparing everything from my solo album, SuperM album, and group album."

Baekhyun also explained why he was hesitant in sharing with fans that he was enlisting into the military. He explained, "Rather than just telling you, I thought 'would the EXO-Ls have to wait endlessly?' and there are some who were EXO-Ls for ten years or more, so I didn't want to tell you to wait without preparing anything. And I didn't want to tell you guys beforehand and make you feel restless."

Just as Baekhyun had predicted, many EXO fans were surprised and sad to hear that Baekhyun is enlisting soon into the military service. However, fans were happy and thankful towards the singer as he had worried about his fans and prepared an album before going to serve the nation.

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eri-staycarat671 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

😭 baekhyun's been the one who's been feeding us with content the most when he's gone we'll be starved 😭, this is heartbreaking but it eventually had to happen, L's let's just continue to support and protect the remaining members while we wait for our boys to come out, i know it's hard but we got this, If it's love we'll wait EXO and EXO"L SARANGHAJA ❤️❤️ and Fighting



pypy53 pts 21 days ago 0
21 days ago

I think this is actually good for him. Enlistment may be a resting time for him out of the entertainment world for two years. (Army life may be physically tiring but at least sleeping and eating regularly) He may be missed a lot but he will be back. Wish him luck!



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