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Red Velvet's Seulgi shares with fans that she's started living alone


According to fans on February 12, Red Velvet's Seulgi has started living alone recently!

Seulgi shared the news with her fans via Red Velvet's official Bubble, explaining that she felt she had accumulated too much stuff for it to all fit in Red Velvet's dorm! In addition, Seulgi also let fans know that she wanted to try designing the interior of her home on her own, and that the Red Velvet members have already come over to hang out at Seulgi's several times. 

Seulgi has now officially become the first member of Red Velvet to move out of the girl group's dorm! Many idols typically move out of their designated dorms after several years of promotions for privacy and security reasons, but fans noted that for Red Velvet, the occasion came much later than most. 

Finally, Seulgi asked fans not to worry, and that she wanted to make sure to share the important occasion with her beloved ReVeluvs. 

Do you want to see Seulgi appearing as a guest on 'I Live Alone' soon?

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12 days ago

I hope she guests at I Live Alone.



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12 days ago

Living alone can be great, depending what you want out of life.


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