Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, February 25, 2021

More allegations suggest that Seventeen's Mingyu bullied a disabled classmate as well


On February 26th KST, another post was created accusing Seventeen's Mingyu of being a vicious school bully.

The post was created in an online community as the writer claimed that all of Mingyu's victims are afraid of being targeted by the perpetrators as a form of revenge. The writer of the post said, "This post is based on the testimonies of acquaintances and is true. Also, the victims are afraid that they will be identified and will be targeted. Therefore, please stop searching for information about the victims."

The creator of the post continued to explain, "The victims do not want any apology or compensation. They just don't want what had happened to them to be covered, buried, or forgotten. What the victims want would be for the perpetrator and fans who are shutting the victims' mouths to self-reflect."

The netizen explained as clarification, "A is the witness to Mingyu's bullying, B is the victim, and C is another victim, but he has a disability. A, B, and C all attended Burim middle school with Mingyu, but the person writing this post is a friend of A who did not attend Burim."

The post included various conversations between A and B talking about Seventeen's Mingyu.

According to the conversation in the post, Mingyu would bully a classmate who had a disability. The writer of the post stated, "The victims have been talking about this issue before it surfaced. They were hesitant to reveal the truth because Mingyu was a popular idol member."

The writer then concluded the post by explaining that the victims mustered up the courage to reveal the truth about Mingyu because they felt distraught when they saw fans shielding such a wicked person. The writer wrote, "we decided to raise our voice because we saw another person on Nate Pann speak up. We are afraid we will get retaliation from the perpetrator and his fans, but we want to reveal that he's not a nice person that a lot of people believe."

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kagayakugucci8,763 pts Thursday, February 25, 2021 4
Thursday, February 25, 2021

This is not even everything. Someone is alleging that Mingyu and his friend sexually assaulted her. [LINK] Mingyu's case went from relatively resolved to the potentially worst of the bunch.
There shouldn't be any debate here like with some of the other cases whether it was proper bullying or just a strained relationship. If he committed sexual assault, he should immediately leave the group. If he didn't, Pledis should sue like crazy.


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samtanvan234 pts Thursday, February 25, 2021 8
Thursday, February 25, 2021

Okay but can each of them make a real statement? Like you can’t just use text messages this isn’t a murder case nor a missing person case. They don’t need to reveal their identity but this won’t pass as evidence legally.


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