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Track List:

1. U MAD

2. SKIT 1

3. RocKstaR


5. BrEAk It DoWn

6. SKIT 2

7. In THE DaRk

8. LiLaC

9. Ur SOUL Ur BodY (feat. DK)

10. SKIT 3 (feat. Omar)

11. GORgEoUs

12. LiAr

13. HeartBROKEN PlaYBoY

14. SKIT 4

15. RaiNinG (feat. JU-NE)

16. Let iT Go

17. DeViL

BOBBY has returned with his 2nd full-length studio album, LUCKY MAN. This humongous release is 17 songs long (well, 13 songs and 4 skits long) and filled to the brim with spitfire lyricism and insane vocal delivery. Not every song on this release was my favorite, but I have to admit there were a few among the tracks that are really great. For this article's purpose, I will focus on the 13 songs and omit the 4 skits, but please take a chance to listen to them yourself!

We immediately get BOBBY's title track, "U MAD," upon listening to LUCKY MAN. With the sound of a car revving in its introduction, this spitfire "come at me" track is for the haters. Full of anger and resentment, BOBBY pairs a really aggressive electronic drop with his loud and equally aggressive delivery that makes the title impactful for listeners.

"RocKstaR," in contrast, has a classic hip hop sound that focuses on BOBBY's cadence and delivery. He utilizes a bunch of interesting flow changes. However, the overall sound of the song itself reminds me a bit of Yankie's "Prometheus." Certain parts of "RocKstaR" are a bit too repetitive in a not particularly appealing way. 

"NO TIME" hosts a Western-style trap beat. BOBBY's repeated "NO TIME NO TIME" is memorable and can definitely get a crowd hyped up. The beat is simple, but the rap really shines as a result. In contrast is "BrEAk It DoWn," which reminded me of how hip hop sounded to me in the mid-2000s. Heavy auto-tune and a bit of a nursery rhyme inspired beat gives the song a somewhat catchy sound, but overall I feel that this track is missing an element that makes it feel more complete.

"In THE DaRk" also employs this mid-2000s inspiration with an autotune heavy R&B track. The song has a very top 20s sound but is a bit flat throughout as there doesn't seem to be a part of the song that sticks out above or below the rest. I prefer the next song, "LiLaC," for its trap sound that utilizes its downtempo speed for the better. "LiLaC" also is a delicate mix of BOBBY's singing and rapping skills.

"Ur SOUL Ur BodY" features DK, a smooth singer with a voice that contrasts with the singing BOBBY has been doing on this album up until this point. This track is easily the most refined song thus far on this album in terms of feeling complete overall. DK and BOBBY don't exactly fit each other's vibes perfectly, but for the purpose of this song- it works!

"GOrGeOuS" is a love song that starts seemingly downtempo and smooth but quickly moves into a piano-based instrumental that's sleek and sexy. Some songs on this album are not my favorite because I don't feel that BOBBY's voice fits super well, but "GOrGeOuS" is the exception. This song works great with his interesting vocal styling and is a great fit for him overall. Both his singing and rapping complement the song well, and the track's overall progression and lyricism are fantastic too.

"LiAr" is mid-tempo and bouncy in nature. BOBBY delivers a raspier delivery here that conveys some tiredness that translates well to the resentment and anger this song holds. However, "HeartBROKEN PlaYBoY" didn't capture my heart the same way "LiAr" did. This song's guitar instrumental feels a bit manic, and the repetition of the lyrics doesn't really hit comparatively to some of the other songs on this release.

"RaiNinG" feels violently different than the rest of this album, and it's not my favorite for this reason. The song is strangely playful (not in the greatest way), and JU-NE's contribution isn't very memorable overall. 

The album begins with "U MAD," and that fact feels intentional by the time we reach "Let iT Go." In comparison with the title, this song is significantly more light-hearted and playful and more of a feel-good track than anything. It's another track that would resonate well with a live audience. I can hear the crowd mentally! 

The album comes to its climactic conclusion with a classic BOBBY sound on "DeViL." Loud, biting, and charisma-filled delivery highlights his spitfire verses filled with convoluted lyricism. Not to mention, "DeViL" has a really unique guitar instrumental that sticks out among the sudden chorus of voices that serve as a way to transition into a beat change. "DeViL" is a fantastic closer for this whirlwind of an album.


2021 gives us yet another cinematic MV with BOBBY's "U MAD." This MV features action shots, a charismatic rap performance, and a heist theme. Similar in concept to U-KNOW's "THANK U" in concept, "U MAD" seeks to call out the haters with an action-packed MV showing one's own personal strength and perseverance. As BOBBY murders his haters, we're treated to some intense rap performance and over-the-top confidence. The MV screams "BOBBY" with its unforgiving and dynamic execution. 


MV Relevance…..9

MV Production…..8

MV Concept……..7

MV Score: 8.0


Album Production…...8

Album Concept……...7


Album Score: 7.0

Overall: 7.5

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orangemaster1,202 pts Thursday, February 4, 2021 0
Thursday, February 4, 2021

Its nicely written review. Keep supporting Bobby and Ikon!



kingbap0 pt Thursday, February 4, 2021 0
Thursday, February 4, 2021

I think this is a fair & well-written review, putting my bias for Bobby aside I agree with most of these points ^^ ESPECIALLY with Gorgeous, that song hooked me in since the first listen and it's currently in my top 3 alongside Raining & No Time. (I disagree the most on Raining, when June's voice started the song I actually cried lmao it was so beautiful)

Objectively, I think Rockstar & In The Dark aren't particularly memorable songs on their own, but those are actually Bobby's fave tracks. Listening to them I can't help but feel immense pride and fondness knowing Bobby had full control over his music & was genuinely composing songs he enjoys listening to. Most artists don't listen to their own songs outside of performing, but Bobby loves his songs so much he can jam to them alone in his room and never get sick of them :') It truly proves that he creates music without charts and money on his mind.

Another thing I really appreciate is how perfectly the tracks featuring his members suit them. Donghyuk's voice reflects the sweet suggestiveness of UrSoulUrBody well, whereas June's vocal tone captures Raining's melody perfectly. Raining would've been far less memorable if June hadn't contributed; the lyrics & deceptively-cheerful vibe of the song reflects June's personality so much that it would've been such a missed opportunity if he didn't feature. The featurings are so perfect and necessary that if I hadn't read the credits, I would've assumed DK & June co-wrote the songs.

Overall, I adore this album with my entire heart, and I love how much care he put into arranging the tracks (I tried rearranging it myself and got the exact same result... he really did create the perfect order for storytelling). Before it came out, "Bobby" had 2 completely opposite hard and soft sides: SMTM Bobby and LOVE&FALL Bobby. The playboy-falling-in-love concept seems quite cliche/shallow but it was truly the best middleground for both personas and it was exactly what I've always wanted to see from him. It is the very essence of the "Bobby" character that he presents to the public, the character that made me a lifelong stan.

I hv so much more to say but this is alr hella long hahah, don't forget to stream U MAD & vote Bobby on MUBEAT! ^^ Peaceuuu



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