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Rain reveals whether his 2 daughters look like him or wife Kim Tae Hee


Rain revealed whether his 2 daughters look like him or his wife Kim Tae Hee.

Though Rain is the pop star of the couple, Kim Tae Hee is known for her beautiful looks. On the January 2nd episode of 'Knowing Brothers', Rain expressed, "I always watch J.Y. Park when he appears on TV. My family watches 'When We Disco', and my daughters dance and sing along. I took video of them and sent it to him."

He continued, "My daughter calls me Rain and her mom 'Kim Tae Jji.'" When asked who his daughters resemble more, Rain said, "They look more like my wife. I don't have double eyelids, but my 2 daughters both have double eyelids."

J.Y. Park then said about his own daughter, "Thankfully, my daughter's eyes and eyelids look like mine, but her head and face look like my wife's. We meet with Rain's family often. We both have 2 daughters, so we're thinking about making a 4-member girl group."

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I like that they kept such a good relationship after Rain left JyP. Most ex Jyp artists seems to be on good terms or even friends with him,even after they left the company. That speaks volumes about JY Park as a person


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They're lucky either way 😂😭



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