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Red Velvet's Yeri reveals the reason she wore heels to visit SHINee's Key at his mandatory military service


Red Velvet's Yeri revealed her reason for wearing heels to see SHINee's Key at his mandatory military service.

On December 1st, a new video of 'Yeri's Room' was posted on 'Dum Dum Studio' YouTube channel in which SHINee's Key appeared as a guest. In the video that was released, Key took the time to give ten answers to ten questions given by Yeri.

In the beginning, Yeri prepared a special gift for the guest and asked Key what he thought it was. Key thought the gift would be an interior design prop since he loves to decorate his house. However, Yeri gifted him a pair of green slippers that is given at the mandatory military service. 

Yeri was trying to be funny since Key had recently been discharged, but to her surprise, Key loved the slippers and said he needed them because he left his at the army base. Key explained that he had worn the slippers almost 24/7 while serving his mandatory duty. 

Then they began their Q&A session. During the session, Yeri asked, "Do you remember when I visited you? What went through your mind then?" Key made everyone laugh when he gave an honest answer saying, "I saw you coming from afar and I thought 'Why is she wearing heels at a National Cemetery?'"

Key continued to tell the story saying, "I'm not trying to share some weird story, but I'm not kidding. She couldn't keep her balance, so she held onto me all day walking around."

After hearing Key's side of the story, Yeri jumped and corrected him saying, "Let's correct this. I didn't wear heels because I wanted to, but I had a schedule before visiting you" and explained the situation in which she had no choice but to wear heels to the National Cemetery.

Meanwhile, 'Yeri's Room' is a series on Dum Dum Studio in which celebrity friends come to share time and show a different charm to their fans. Key and Yeri showed off their sibling chemistry in the recent episode.

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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

The video is so funny! Savage siblings 😃



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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Key is such comedian



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