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Rain tells a long-time fan that he had a one-sided crush on Kim Tae Hee for a year before they started dating


On the latest installment of Rain's original YouTube series 'Season B Season', Rain partnered up with 'Workman's Jang Sung Kyu for a special fan-tour!

On this episode, Rain and Jang Sung Kyu visited the homes of Rain's fans, after fans sent in stories about their recent achievements or celebrations. During their visits, Rain turned on his chef-mode and cooked up delicious meals for his fans, while Jang Sung Kyu spent time interviewing the fans. 

The two stars visited the home of one viewer who has been a fan of Rain for 16-years. Jang Sung Kyu then asked her, "You must have been a little disappointed when the news came up that Rain was getting married. Since your nickname was 'Rain's Wifey' and all." The fan responded, "Why... did [Kim] Tae Hee unnie start liking Rain  oppa..?"

Jang Sung Kyu then followed up with, "Do you think that Kim Tae Hee got the shorter end of the stick with this marriage?" The fan answered immediately, "Yes." Hearing this, Rain commented while cooking in the kitchen, "Even though you're my fan..?" Laughing, the fan then turned toward Rain and asked him, "Who showed interest first?"

After a moment, Rain said, "I told her I was interested in her first. It took a long time before we started dating. It took about 1 year. It was a one-sided crush for one year." Rain's fan then gave him a thumbs up for his persistence. However, when Jang Sung Kyu tried to egg Rain on further, the singer quickly wrapped up the topic with, "It feels like a dream every day for me too."

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brideofchani7,146 pts Thursday, December 17, 2020 0
Thursday, December 17, 2020

see, i just have to stan 14 more years and then i can talk to chani like this. and y'all said it was hopeless. tsk tsk



Sara_Vargas0 pt Tuesday, December 29, 2020 0
Tuesday, December 29, 2020

He always shows a great respect for his family!!!



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