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Hara's brother obtains small victory in lawsuit against his mother, court says split 6:4 instead of 5:5


The court has handed Hara's brother a small victory.

Goo Ho-In'a lawyer Noh Jong Un revealed that the court had decided that Hara's mother had not contributed to raising Hara, and that Hara's brother and the other family that she left behind should receive some of her estate for raising her. Becuase of this, the court decided that instead of splitting her estate 5:5, it should be split 6:4 with the latter going to her mother.

The lawyer noted that the decision, while not completely what they were hoping for, was still a step in the right direction because the Goo Hara Law has not become official law yet. The lawyer noted that even while disappointing, it was impossible for the court to decide that a parent completely loses their rights to the estate under the current law. Because of this, the law firm will continue to pursue the officialization of the Goo Hara Law.

What do you think of the results of the suit?

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AhRin1980345 pts 28 days ago 12
28 days ago

I can't believe they gave that woman such a large share when she did nothing for her daughter and only wanted to know once she had passed away!


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KoRnflakes777491 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

Korean Justice system is somehow a trash! How about give the mother nada!



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