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Posted by Lorr-Ye Friday, December 18, 2020

[ALBUM & MV REVIEW] TAEYEON - 'What Do I Call You'


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Track List:

1. What Do I Call You

2. Playlist

3. To the moon

4. Wildfire

5. Galaxy

Lovely Taeyeon has made her triumphant (and wintery!) return with her fourth mini-album, What Do I Call You. Taeyeon's latest album is an easy listen and an enjoyable one at that. "What Do I Call You" is the addicting and aptly-named title track of choice for this comeback. Boasting an acoustic guitar melody and some impressive vocals from Taeyeon, the song is extremely palatable and pleasant. Taeyeon shows her insane range and, without a doubt, solidifies herself as a true veteran idol. The song's progression is well-written and the overall delivery of the vocals elicits goosebumps. When the beat kicks in at the chorus, the song really hits all the right buttons.

"Playlist" continues this acoustic vibe with a cafe vibe that's sweet and just as addicting as "What Do I Call You." Taeyeon's singing is perfection on this downtempo song. "Playlist" is perfectly wintery and once again, the chorus is the song's focal point.

Things pick up with "To the moon," a song with bouncy energy that gives the listener a warm feeling. The song is the perfect balance of downtempo and upbeat, which sounds like a paradox, but works in the best way on this track. Taeyeon's signature ethereal and gentle vocals shine on this song. Similarly, "Wildfire" also brings the pace up with a wispy pop song. This song is the biggest vocal flex for Taeyeon on the album, with the challenging bridge being the star of the show. However, this song wasn't my favorite track on the album because I felt the vocals to be a little strained.

The mini-album wraps up with "Galaxy," which slows the vibe back down. "Galaxy" is not quite a ballad, but instead has the vibe of an acoustic singer-songwriter of a hip neighborhood cafe, which I feel like was what Taeyeon was going for this album. The entire album has this feeling of walking through the streets of Paris and sitting down at a cafe for some pastries and coffee. The imagery Taeyeon's songs elicit is vivid and colorful, just like her performance.


Taeyeon's video for "What Do I Call You" depicts the classic feeling of awkwardness and distance post-breakup. In the beginning, she's seen packing up the belongings of her former love and attempting to wipe the memories of him out of her mind. I think it's quite striking that she isn't the only person with a box of her former lover's belongings and the song really resonates with those who often feel loneliness in their lives. As Taeyeon goes through her video, she struggles with wondering how to cope with her past love and asks the age-old question, "What Do I Call You"? Taeyeon's visuals never disappoint, and this video has some cute and demure styling that really suits the song's overall vibe. The shots and sets throughout the MV are beautifully done, as I expected from a veteran SM artist.


MV Relevance…..10

MV Production…..9

MV Concept……..9

MV Score: 9.33


Album Production…...9

Album Concept……...8


Album Score: 8.33

Overall: 8.83

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