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Netizens laugh out loud at NCT's Doyoung role-playing a famous EXO scenario during recent fansign


Netizens are laughing at NCT Doyoung's interaction with a fan during a recent online fansign event.

On a community forum, a netizen shared a Tweet containing a fan enacting a famous EXO scenario with NCT's Doyoung. The original scenario features an imaginative interaction between a fan and EXO's Chen, who continues to talk despite a staff member's interruption to move on. 

The original dialogue would be:

Chen - Oh?!

Fan - Oh?! You remember?!

Chen - Of course haha I told you last time you were pretty~

Fan - T_T I was bare-faced last time T_T

Chen - Because you were bare-faced you were pretty~ Because you look innocent haha

Staff - Let's move on.

Chen - Mister, I'm speaking with noona/(fan's name).

During NCT's recent fansign, Doyoung gave it his all trying to enact this scenario with the fan, but he kept bursting into laughter! Meanwhile, the staff member kept his role by playing the 'Staff Member' in the scenario.

The fans not only laughed at Doyoung but also at the staff, who kept yelling "Let's move on!" as part of the role-playing.

Check out the moment below!

Some reactions include:

"LOLLLLL, the staff, his voice is so loud and clear lol great acting"

"Why is Doyoung laughing hahaha so cute"

"He was probably too shy to do it but that's so adorable"

"That meme is really famous among fans and I can't believe they tried it lol"

"They say the staff member made a different timer so that the fan wouldn't lose her actual time -- this is just a scenario LOL"

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26 days ago

He's so damn cute.



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26 days ago

Aww Doyoung is so adorable and the staff enjoyed it so much xd

Btw Chen hahaha



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