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Hong Jin Young's family disappears from 'My Little Old Boy'


Hong Jin Young has also disappeared from 'My Little Old Boy'.

The SBS show had been one of the last shows to keep Hong Jin Young, her sister, and her mother on the show even after her plagiarism controversy. Last week, Hong Jin Young was edited out and only her sister was shown, but this week, both sisters and even Hong Jin Young's mother was not on the show.

'My Little Old Boy' is the latest to join the other shows in editing the singer out of their broadcasts. Recently, 'Buddy into the Wild' had also edited her out of their episode.

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yeahkpop162,997 pts Monday, November 30, 2020 0
Monday, November 30, 2020

This seems to be another case of a celebrity becoming more popular and someone sourly trying to tear them down by digging up anything even remotely controversial from their past. It's also possible that the accuser (a former professor) has an axe to grind against her father (and maybe the university) who is also a professor there (which doesn't mean he has the power to give out doctorate degrees unilaterally or force the university to do so). HJY has mentioned that she did not attend her father's class to make sure her attendance was separate from his position there. HJY was given her doctorate 8 years ago. This isn't a recent event. There's a process for that at universities regarding granting doctorates that involves review by multiple people. If they review HJY's degree from that time period, they also need to review all the people who were given degrees at that time. From the articles, all she did was use a lot of quotes in her thesis (for which she gave proper credit to the authors), which is not plagiarism. If she followed the university's guidelines during that time period, she and her family are being unfairly targeted.



gookr4,416 pts Sunday, November 29, 2020 4
Sunday, November 29, 2020

why does her family have to pay the price? they didnt do anything.


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