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Doppelgängers BTOB's Minhyuk & TXT's Soobin finally snap selcas + share behind stories about their encounter


It's not a trick, everyone, it's the real deal!

K-Pop's official doppelgängers BTOB's Minhyuk and TOMORROW x TOGETHER's Soobin have finally shared couple selcas, and they're literally no joke!

Last week, when BTOB 4U held their debut stage on KBS2's 'Music Bank', Minhyuk and Soobin met in person for the first time ever, marking a historic(?) moment. The two idols were shocked to see how alike they looked, and many fans demanded to see more interactions and selcas between them. 

Now, the calls have been answered! Both Minhyuk and Soobin treated fans to selca posts via SNS immediately after the November 27 broadcast of KBS2's 'Music Bank', confirming that they met up again this week and even exchanged contact information!

Soobin wrote, "It's Soobin! I think that these are selcas many people were waiting to see hehe. I've always wanted to meet [Minhyuk] ever since my debut, and I am so thankful that he greeted me so warmly last week and this week as well. Minhyuk-sunbaenim, you are so jjang jjang handsome! I love you!"

Minhyuk decided to take it one step further as he commented, "aespa is me, no actually it's Soobin," using a word play on the currently trending lyrics to aespa's debut song "Black Mamba"!

Later on, BTOB's Minhyuk also shared some behind-stories about his meetings with Soobin with fans during a live broadcast. 

Minhyuk: "I got a KakaoTalk message from Soobin, asking me if it was okay to post those selcas kekekeke." 

Minhyuk: "The broadcast sense on 'Music Bank' was no joke today, right? It was me at the end for the ending shot, and then it dissolved into the next scene, which was Soobin's face. It was entertaining. 'Music Bank' is very sincere about Minhyuk-Soobin, Soobin-Minhyuk."

Minhyuk: "I could tell that ['Music Bank'] was very into it since last week. We were doing our interview rehearsal, and they stood me right next to Soobin. The question he was supposed to ask me, too, was actually different at first. It was just a 'TMI' question and I think it was, 'What late night snack menu do you want to eat tonight?' so my answer was sundae gopchang or something like that, but then during the rehearsal they were like, can we change the question, and so it turned out to be, 'What do you think when you look at me?'."

Fans still just can't get over these two legitimate K-Pop doppelgangers, commenting, 

"When you keep telling the other that they're so handsome, you know you're just complimenting yourself right? Kekekeke."
"OMG most people who are known to be 'look-alikes' don't actually look that similar when they're next to each other, but here's they're literally the same kekekeke."
"I can tell them apart because I'm a fan, but I think that if non-fans saw them they might really be confused about who is who!"
"This is beyond imagination, in the selcas it's really hard to tell who's who kekekeke."
"They even talk like each other... how is this possible??"
"You literally can't believe that they come from different DNA... this is like identical twins level."
"If you see pictures of Minhyuk when he was Soobin's age, it's seriously the same person."
"The way they have that distinct lisp when they talk is the same... I'm getting goosebumps."
"The only way I can tell them apart is by the tip of the nose..."
"Those are the best 'look-alike' selcas I've ever seen."

Are you as mindblown by Minhyuk and Soobin as the netizens?

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peaceful-multi1,165 pts Friday, November 27, 2020 0
Friday, November 27, 2020

"If you see pictures of Minhyuk when he was Soobin's age, it's seriously the same person." ~💙😭



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Friday, November 27, 2020

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