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Posted by beansss Friday, November 13, 2020

Bizarre + obscure NCT facts you didn't know (Part 1)


Netizens have compiled a jaw-droppingly huge list of bizarre and obscure facts about the largest-member K-Pop group known, NCT!

In light of NCT 2020's upcoming comeback with their 2nd full album 'Resonance Pt.2', many NCTzens are exciting chatting about the boys, reacting to the fun facts. Check out some of them below!

1. SM's casting manager flew to China 9 times to cast Winwin. 

2. Of the 23 NCT members, only 10 of them will be required to enlist for military service due to the large number of foreign members. 

3. NCT Dream's Jeno, Jaemin, Haechan, and Jisung are all high school dropouts. 

4. Johnny is very close with EXO's Sehun, as he was an SM trainee for 8 years (He trained with all of EXO). Even though Sehun is 1 year older (same age of Taeil), Johnny doesn't refer to Sehun as 'hyung'.

5. Taeyong is a distant relative of Hong Suk Chun.

6. Doyoung was hit by a car during his childhood and rode a wheelchair for 3 months. 

7. TEN quit gymnastics at age 13 because meeting the weight requirement was too difficult to keep up with.

8. Taeil quit university after passing SM Entertainment auditions.

9. Kun was the first member of NCT to earn a bachelor's degree. 

10. Jaehyun's uncle is English (from the UK). 

11. Lucas always received 0 on his report cards so his parents never scolded him(?).

12. Every year since he joined SM, Mark always received the yearly 'Most Dilligent Trainee' award.

13. TEN passed YG Entertainment auditions, but chose not to join the company, instead appearing on a Thai audition program where he placed 1st. 

14. Hendery is known to talk on the phone with his sisters for hours.

15. Jaemin was a short track athlete before he joined SM as a trainee. 

Look forward to even more facts about NCT!

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brideofchani7,146 pts Friday, November 13, 2020 0
Friday, November 13, 2020

oh no i thought about the military situation with nct

when taeyong goes to the military imma D-I-E

kun = educated hottness

hendery - you can trust a man who is nice to his sister(s)

my poor doyoungie. *goes back in time and stops the car with my hands like a superhero*



Jaimie_Prades17 pts Friday, November 13, 2020 1
Friday, November 13, 2020

SM chased winwin only for him to sing four lines in a full album


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