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Singer-Songwriter Producer Jungkook is thriving as 'Still With You' was radio played in the UK and 'Euphoria' becomes the first male K-pop Idol song to reach 175M streams on Spotify


BTS' Jungkook self-produced song and solo songs continue to achieve new milestones showing how much the global audience are loving his genius music-production skill and astounding vocals.

'Still With You' was selected and played on British Radio 'Atlantic Radio UK' on October 18th. The popular ballad produced and written by Jungkook also has been steadily selected for radio plays by many radio stations worldwide, including in Paraguay, Uruguay, Philippines and Indonesia, despite just being a free release on Soundcloud. 

Despite being released on Soundcloud as a free gift for ARMY, 'Still With You' gained worldwide attention and popularity since it was first released up until now. It achieved 1million streams in just 28 minutes, the fastest in Soundcloud history. It also broke the previous record of most-liked song in 24 hours...in just 3 hours! Thus making it the most-liked song in the first 24 hours in the history of Soundcloud with 564K likes. Since its release, fans and netizens couldn't stop raving about Jungkook’s genius production of the ballad and his soothing vocals, and how much they want it on paid platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. One netizen posted "Why Jungkook's Still With You isn't on Apple Music *crying emoji*" (translated from Malay). Another one said "Women don’t want men. Women want Still With You by JK on Spotify and Apple Music" (hey, where's the lie?)

'Euphoria' also achieved new milestone as it recently surpassed 175 millions streams on Spotify, being the first solo song by a male K-pop Idol and by a BTS member to cross the mark. It also surpassed 20 millions streams on Genie, Korea’s second-largest streaming platform. Jungkook is the first and only BTS member who has reached over 20 millions streams for a BTS solo song on the platform, also is the only member to surpass more than 1 million unique listeners (ULs).

Currently, Jungkook is the only BTS member who has 2 of his solo songs in the Top 10 ‘BTS Popular’ songs on Spotify ie. Euphoria and My Time. The OST ‘Your Eyes Tell’ which he composed and wrote as well as 'Savage Love Remix' in which he participated as a vocalist are also on the list.

This week, Jungkook's Euphoria and My Time continue to extend their record as the longest and second longest charting songs by a K-pop Idol on Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. Euphoria had spend 36 weeks while My Time tying with BTS' Jimin's Filter spent 32 weeks on the chart. It seems like conquering Top2 spots is really Jungkook's forte as he also recently became the youngest Asian to sing for #1 and #2 songs charting simultaneously on Billboard Hot100 ie. Dynamite and Savage Love Remix, which is a huge achievement proving his credibility as a world class singer.

Jungkook continues to secure his throne as the longest charting K-pop Idol in the history of Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Jungkook’s songs either his composed song or songs that he sings always become huge BOPS



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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

As a non-ARMY with unbiased opinion, i think Still With You is a grand masterpiece. Anybody knows if Jungkook will include it in his mixtape and release on spotify?



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