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More Chinese logistic companies refuse to ship packages related to BTS


More Chinese logistics companies are refusing to ship items related to BTS. Following China's fifth-largest logistics company Yunda Express, two more large logistics companies such as YTO Express and ZTO Express have reportedly announced the delivery suspension.

Amidst this, suspicions have arisen that the General Administration of Customs of China was involved in the process of rejecting BTS products by Chinese courier companies.

Recently, three major Chinese courier companies, YTO Express, ZTO Express, and Yunda Express, all stated they have stopped shipping BTS-related products. Some speculated that the Chinese courier companies were conscious of the public opinion in China following BTS's remark on the '6.25 Korean War' and might have launched their own boycott.

However, according to Weibo, it seems that the General Administration of Customs in China was blocking the import of BTS-related goods, not the logistics companies. It was found that the General Administration of Customs of China strengthened its management and supervision of Korean products that are not related to BTS.

Earlier on October 19th, a post was made on the account of Weibo's Korean branch of Yunda Express, saying, "There are many inquiries about BTS delivery, BTS-related product deliveries have been suspended for a while."

Yunda Express only explained the reason for the suspension: "The reason is what we all know." "What we all know" is interpreted as a statement considering BTS's acceptance speech at the Van Fleet Award Ceremony.

BTS leader RM said at the Van Fleet Award online awards ceremony, "This year marks the Korean War's 70th anniversary. We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of the countless men and women".

Chinese netizens raised an issue with RM's use of the phrase "Two Nations," which stands for the two countries of South Korea and the U.S. The Chinese netizens stated that BTS has "ignored Chinese soldiers' noble sacrifices during the Korean War."

On the 18th, YTO Express and ZTO Express also explained that they do not accept BTS products from the Korea Customs Service, in response to inquiries from Chinese Internet users regarding the refusal of BTS delivery.

ZTO Express stated through its official Weibo account, "Because of the BTS controversy, the General Administration of Customs of China announced its plan to supervise printed goods and printed products more thoroughly," adding, "Each box that is in suspicion can all be opened as the regulations have become strict. This effect is expected to affect other Korean products as well.

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Kirsty_Louise21,676 pts Tuesday, October 20, 2020 11
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I sincerely hope BigHit and BTS don’t even consider issuing any form of apology. There was absolutely nothing wrong with what RM said, the issue here is with China and how incredibly unreasonable they are being in refusing to see sense. The Van Fleet award was to celebrate the promotion of US-Korea relations, why would China be mentioned?! I don’t like to tell people they are wrong for feeling proud of their country and defending it but this is some bullshit, I’m sorry. I feel bad for every ARMY in China who doesn’t support this insanity.


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itsaminax1,438 pts Tuesday, October 20, 2020 3
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Holy shit it concerns me how misinformed these people are (bcuz China doesn't allow schools to teach about the bad things their government has done) to the point where they don't even know their own fucking country's bad history. EVERY COUNTRY HAS BAD HISTORY AND IT IS UP TO YOU AS A CITIZEN OF THAT COUNTRY TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT, sadly they can't cuz of their fucked up government and crazy nationalists. BUT BTS are still thriving idc, I'm proud of RM for saying what he said and I feel so bad for the Chinese citizens that are ARMYs and support RMs words but have to be silenced and aren't able to buy their goods because of this shit.


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