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A photographer jokes that aespa's teaser photos are too close to the photos he took last year


As SM Entertainment's new girl group aespa makes their preparations to debut next month, Korean netizens have been discussing two posts from Canadian photographer Bryan Huynh.

Many fans are excited as they anticipate the new girl group debuting with one of the biggest K-pop idol agencies. As SM unveiled each member's concept teaser photo, one Canadian photographer pointed out that the concept photos are similar to one of the photos he had taken last year.

The photographer posted the two photos on his Instagram story with a joking caption, "This is why I only stan Blackpink!!!! Lolol."

As the screenshot of his post became viral and spread across the Korean online community, many Korean netizens discussed if the two photos have similarities. 

It seemed that more and more netizens began direct messaging the photographer about the Instagram post he made on his story. The photographer later explained that he was not offended and had no ill-feeling towards the group. He stated he is rather flattered that his photos are getting seen by more people.

Bryan Hyunh is a creative photographer who creates pieces that might be seen in Sci-fi movies as he adds various fantasy aspects to his photography.

Many Korean netizens agree that the two photos are similar in various ways such as the color scheme and the fantasy-like vibe. However, some netizens disagree.

Either way, numerous people have visited the photographer's Instagram page and are admiring his work for his outstanding talent and creativity.

Netizens' Commented:

"The colors are definitely similar, but I think the layout might be a bit different."

"Both photos give off a very Avatar movie feel. I think the photographer might have been inspired by that movie too."

"SM probably had this photographer as a reference. I don't think they outright copied."

"I think the phrase 'took reference' is too nice. The two photos look too similar."

"Yeah, the background color pallet is very similar."

"The company definitely took reference."

"I feel this kind of photos can be seen in so many places. It's like the fantasy world feels."

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Friday, October 30, 2020

the guy need a Peace Nobel Award, He's too nice for this industry



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Friday, October 30, 2020

this is such a Canadian response lol



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