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The victim's family ultimately decides to move as the infamous child sex offender Cho Doo Soon will soon return to Ansan


While Cho Doo Soon, an infamous child sex offender, expressed his intention to return to Ansan, Gyeonggi Province, the victim's family reportedly decided to move out.

Previously, the victim's father stated that he was willing to go into debt to pay the infamous sex offender to move out of Ansan in an interview. The victim's father revealed the reasons why the family could not move out of the town over the years and stated they want Cho Doo Soon to go somewhere else.

Unfortunately, it was the victim's family who is being driven out of their home town out of fear of the sex offender returning.

Congressman Kim Jung Jae of the People's Party met with the victim's family and shared their story on September 23. Congressman Kim stated, "The victim's family members are shaking in fear after learning that Cho Doo Soon is trying to return to the town of Ansan after he is released from prison. They claimed that the assailant should move to a different area, not the victim. However, they became more fearful as the date of Cho Doo Soon's release came closer. In turn, they decided to move."

The congressman added, "As long as the family decided to move, the nation should provide all the support they can provide."

Meanwhile, The Special Committee on the Measures Against Sexual Violence in the People's Party proposed a new act called, "Protection against Cho Doo Soon" act. This is a proposal to strengthen the protection of victims and increase the severity of the punishment against stalking crimes.

This "Protection against Cho Doo Soon" act will allow the court to impose a restriction and watch over anyone who has committed more than two murders, three or more sexual violence, or committed serious injury against a child under the age of 13 by committing sexual violence. In addition, this can apply to anyone who has violated any of the measures such as probation, inhibitory drug treatment, wearing electronic anklets, and repeatedly committing sexual offenses, even if they do not meet the requirements listed above and have returned to society.

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taeswife06135,961 pts 28 days ago 5
28 days ago

The congressman added, "As long as the family decided to move, the nation should provide all the support they can provide."

What a joke! The family didn't decide to move on their own free will, they're moving away from their home because someone who is a living-nightmare to them is coming back to ruin their haven. If the "nation should provide all the support they can," why don't they make sure the man doesn't come back to the same town to haunt the victim? The pure audacity!


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Ohboy6913,723 pts 28 days ago 5
28 days ago

And that's the reality of many victims - they have to move, disappear while the rapist walks free.


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