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The feud within EXO fandom continues as fans and netizens discuss about some of the toxic fans who are asking the group to disband


Recently, there has been a heated discussion nearing to a feud as Korean netizens and EXO fans discuss some of the toxic fans who are continuing to attack member Chen.

Recently, Chen released the original soundtrack for the drama 'Do You Like Brahms?' Since the release of his song, some of the EXO fans have even visited the Korean streaming sites to leave malicious comments and poor reviews of the song.

Despite the ordeal, EXO members continue to support Chen as Sehun and Chanyeol shared Chen's new song via Instagram story.

However, some of these fans have become more upset and have taken it to social media to express their disappointment. The hashtag "엑소 팬기만 해체해" (meaning EXO deceived fans disband) trended worldwide as some of these fans request the group to disband. 

The part of the fandom who created the hashtag seems to be upset over the other members supporting Chen as they have been requesting Chen to leave the group previously.

However, there are many more standing opposition to this group of fans. Many EXO fans are standing against some of these toxic fans stating they have gone too far beyond. They state, "Why are you asking the group to disband?", "What's wrong with the EXO members supporting their fellow member?", and "Are you really a fan?"

The feud within the fandom continues as there are many divided opinions on this matter.

Netizens' Commented:

"I don't understand these fans. They are not real EXO-Ls. Of course, the EXO members should support their fellow member. It's weird if they support Baekhyun's promotions but then leave Chen out. People don't have common sense."

"I want Chen to leave too but these fans are going overboard. Why are they asking the group to disband? The fans might be mad at Chen but the members don't have a reason to be mad at him. They're his coworker and friend. Of course, they should support their friend."

"I understand how the fans feel but this is just becoming abusive."

"Why are you upset over the other members? You're just asking the group to throw Chen out like that?"

"I tried to accept Chen and tried to understand him from the bottom of my heart but then I was too shocked. So I'm dropping out of the fandom instead of forcing stuff on them."

"The fans who are cursing because of this incident are the weird ones."

"I feel bad for all the members except Jong Dae."

"They're the toxic fans, not real fans. Real fans don't hate the other members so easily like that."

"Chen should convince the other members and leave by himself instead of causing this much drama."

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JVLIXN694 pts Thursday, September 10, 2020 1
Thursday, September 10, 2020

stop talking about those haters so they can become irrelevant and disappear~


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taeswife06138,081 pts Thursday, September 10, 2020 2
Thursday, September 10, 2020

I don't understand why toxic fans even exist. If you don't like them, stop acting like you do, if you like them then why can't you want the best for them/ support their decisions? If you like them, you can show other people that they are good people by not being rude/ hating everybody else. It ain't that hard, I'm not EXO-L but I still like EXO's music, you don't have to like everything that your idol does, but that doesn't mean you should pressure them to make decision they don't want. It's not your life being affected, this is their whole career we're talking about here.


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