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Netizens amazed at how little former 'K-Pop Star 6' winner & new boy group P1Harmony member Kim Jong Seob has changed


Former 'K-Pop Star 6' winner Kim Jongseob is finally debuting, and netizens can't believe how little he's changed since his elementary school days!

Back in 2017, the singing and dancing duo 'Boyfriend', made up of Kim Jongseob and Park Hyunjin, became the youngest ever winners of the talent competition program 'K-Pop Star'. The younger of the two, Kim Jongseob, was 12-years old at the time!

Much like numerous other former 'K-Pop Star' contestants such as Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, Katie Kim, Bang Ye Dam, etc, 'Boyfriend' members Kim Jongseob and Park Hyunjin signed on as YG Entertainment trainees after the end of the show. 

A few years later, Kim Jongseob appeared in front of the public's eye again at the age of 14 on 'YG Treasure Box'! (Kim Jongseob's fellow 'Boyfriend' member Park Hyunjin parted ways with YG Entertainment not long after signing on.)

However, Kim Jongseob ultimately did not make it into the 'YG Treasure Box' debut team, now promoting as TREASURE. This also meant his departure from YG Entertainment as a trainee.

Another year has passed, and Kim Jongseob's debut has finally become official!

It turns out, after leaving YG Entertainment, Kim Jongseob found a new home with FNC Entertainment. Back on September 1, FNC Entertainment revealed the faces of their brand new rookie group P1Harmony for the first time, and Kim Jongseob was one of them!

Born in 2005, Kim Jongseob will be debuting soon at the age of 15 with P1Harmony, approximately 3 years after his 'K-Pop Star 6' win. The idol will also be showcasing his never-before-seen acting skills through P1Harmony's debut theatrical film, 'P1H: The Beginning Of A new World'. 

Hearing news of Kim Jongseob's debut in P1Harmony, many netizens commented, "Only his body grew kekekeke, he looks exactly the same", "Wow he used to be a tiny little thing but now he's all big", "His face hasn't changed one bit kekeke", "Jongseob you grew up well~", "I was so sure Jongseob would debut in YG's next boy group TT. But we know how long and painful it is to wait for your debut as a trainee, so congratulations on your debut Jongseob!", "OMG time flies, when did he get so big?!", "Well at least we can all count on his talent", "Congratulations on your debut Jongseob, TREASURE MAKERS are cheering you on!", and more. 

Meanwhile, FNC Entertainment's upcoming new boy group P1Harmony will be debuting next month in October with their debut theatrical film!

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kairi-jeong249 pts Saturday, September 12, 2020 0
Saturday, September 12, 2020

Woah he really didn't change at all, I liked him since YGTB looking forward to this new boygroup

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kihyunbooberri65 pts Saturday, September 12, 2020 0
Saturday, September 12, 2020

but is that even a good thing?

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