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Female 'A' who accused SS501's Kim Hyung Jun of sexual assault sentenced to 8 months in prison for false charges + defamation of character


According to singer/actor Kim Hyung Jun's label SDKB on September 29, the former SS501 member has been clear of all false accusations raised by female 'A' back in March of 2019. 

Last year, female 'A' filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyung Jun by claiming that they were acquainted about 10 years ago, and Kim Hyung Jun committed sexual assault against her in her home. Kim Hyung Jun then filed a counter lawsuit against 'A', claiming all of her accusations as false and demanding arrest for defamation of character. 

Then, in June of 2019, prosecution dismissed 'A's lawsuit against Kim Hyung Jun for sexual assault on the basis that the lawsuit lacked sufficient evidence. Now, approximately a year and 6 months later, the court has found female 'A' guilty of making false accusations in her lawsuit and defaming the character of Kim Hyung Jun, therefore sentencing 'A' to 8 months in prison as of September 25. 

Furthermore, Kim Hyung Jun's label added on that they were currently considering filming an additional lawsuit against 'A' for compensation in return for the severe defamation of character and emotional damages. 

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Eleutherna388 pts Tuesday, September 29, 2020 1
Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Every time someone makes false accusations, that's so detrimental for all the people that are real victims! While I agree that Korea tends to be more lenient towards men, I really think that making false accusations should be severely punished. I hope she gets help, she seemed very unstable.


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hannah6901266 pts Monday, September 28, 2020 5
Monday, September 28, 2020

I know we should believe the victim but also keep an open mind . This was false and people kept bashing him and he was innocent .
i would say the same about Woojin case there’s been evidence that his assault was false but people don’t believe him and I don’t get why


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