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The members of Girl's Day gather for Sojin's Vlog as they celebrate their tenth anniversary


The members of Girl's Day gathered together to celebrate their tenth anniversary of debut and went to various photo studios to take photos with one another.

Netizens were ecstatic to see all the members gather as a whole. The girls uploaded the photos they had taken on this day on each other social media in celebration for their anniversary.

However, member Sojin posted the Vlog of this day on her YouTube channel on August 4th. In the Vlog, netizens can watch the four members enjoy their time together the whole day as they visited various photo studios.

In the Vlog, Sojin couldn't hide her joy as she stated "So happy we're taking pictures together for the first time in a while." as they moved to different photo booths.

The members visited self-photo-taking studios that printed out instant photos and expressed their fondness and affection with each other.

Many fans were touched as they were able to see the whole group together and show their love for each other.

Netizens stated:

"I miss you so much, we hope that you can make a reunion comeback song and perform that in all music shows."
"Every day is Girl's day with the four of you."

"You guys seem the happiest when all four of you are together."

"You guys are so pretty. I liked seeing you guys promote individually but seeing all four of you together makes me very happy."

"Congrats on your tenth anniversary. Hope you guys can continue to 20 year anniversary and even 30."

Here are the girls' posts of these photos on their Instagram accounts:

Caption: "Hello this is Hyeri. Today is Girl's Day's tenth anniversary. We prepared a small present to repay all the love and support that everyone has constantly given us. I will be the Hyeri that continues to work diligently without forgetting this thankful heart. Thank you. and I love you. Please continue to love us like now~~ Sincerely Hyeri July 9th, 2020"

Caption: "Dear Dai5y & GsD, thank you for being with me for a long time, giving me strength and being my friend. I love you."

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걸스데이 10주년❤

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Caption: "Girl's Day 10th anniversary."

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열번째 7월 9일

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Caption: "the tenth July 9th."

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booitsjwu2,823 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

It's good to see everybody together. A Girl's Day comeback would be legendary!



Tommyjay87 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Wow. One of my favorites. They are beautiful women now.



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