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Netizens put down criticisms against Seventeen's Jun and WayV's Kun & Xiaojun for dining at restaurant visited by coronavirus patient


Netizens are protecting the members of Seventeen and WayV from criticism.

On August 9 KST, netizens talked about a number of idols who dined at a hot pot restaurant that was later discovered to have been visited by a coronavirus patient. On the online community forum, several snapshots showed Seventeen's Jun with WayV's Kun and Xiaojun at the restaurant, using the self-service line to pick up the food with masks on.

According to the original post, the said restaurant was known for disinfecting the tables that were also placed far apart from each other, separated via dividers. 

Furthermore, when one of the fans called the restaurant for more information, the customer who later tested positive had dined and left prior to the idols' visit. One fan wrote: "It's less dangerous, they way they weren't dining at the same time...but I'm still so worried...I didn't think that the restaurant would respond but they did and now I'm even more shocked...The restaurant is currently being disinfected but it will soon go back to business."

Regarding this issue, certain netizens directed criticism towards the idols for having eaten out at a restaurant that specialized in shared side dishes. To these criticisms, netizens under the post defended the members, saying that they "all had masks on".

Other comments claimed that it was only "bad luck" that they happened to overlap with the possible COVID-19 exposure. 

More reactions include:

"It's not like they all went out to drink mindlessly; they simply went to a restaurant that anyone else could have visited"

"I hope they are all okay"

"I'm sure they are careful with the other members; no need to call them out, they weren't doing anything out of the ordinary"

"I feel so bad for these boys who were only going there to crave hot pot and now there will be all sorts of unrelated accusations"
"Okay, well are we now all going to criticize every person for going to a restaurant?"

"The possibility of exposure also seems very low"

What do you think of this issue?

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ratmonster5,069 pts Sunday, August 9, 2020 8
Sunday, August 9, 2020

They went out and got their own food at a restaurant, they wore masks and were sensible. There’s no problem here. And the restaurant had been thoroughly cleaned too. Now that NCT an wayv have grown in popularity I see netizens are constantly trying to start shit with them. If people weren’t allowed in it would be closed lol


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shakennotstirred811 pts Sunday, August 9, 2020 4
Sunday, August 9, 2020

These netizens accusing them are pretty dumb. The guys aren't psychic to know someone dined there had Covid at the time. Why blame them? They took all precautions that are mandated by the government.


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