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Netizens discover the cute dance lesson ITZY's Chaeryeong tried to teach her fans and find the fans reactions hilarious


Recently, a netizen found a twitter post from the past and shared it on an online community. The tweet was a short clip of ITZY's Chaeryeong trying to teach her fans the choreography to ITZY's "WANNABE".

The dance part Chaeryeong was teaching was the shoulder dance moves but Chaeryeong looked surprised when her fans began commenting they need to rest because the dance move was too hard. In the middle of the lesson, Chaeryeon decided to take the time to read the live comments that her fans were posting. 

Her fans commented, "Can we take a break?", "Teacher, it hurts!", "I look like an octopus", "What if my hands and feet don't match?", and "My shoulder keeps making noise." 

Chaeryeong looking perplexed continued to answer these questions stating, "We just started what do you mean to take a break?", "Where does it hurt?", "look like an octopus?", "We're not using our feet how can it not match with your hands?", and "why does your shoulder make noise?"

Despite her students complaining, Chaeryeong continued to kindly instruct them on how to do the shoulder dance move to the song "WANNABE." Many netizens laughed saying Chaeryeong looks like a dance teacher who doesn't understand why her students can't follow. Many thought Chaeryeong was so cute and thought the fans' reactions to learning the dance were hilarious.

The fans continued to comment, "My back hurts", "Don't trust MIDZY (ITZY's fandom) can do this," in which Chaeryeong replied, "why does your back hurt? If I can't tryst MIDZY then who can I trust?"

Then one fan said, "I'll be leaving now." in which Chaeryeong replied "Nooo" with a voice sounding like she might cry,

Netizens' commented:

"OMG, she's so cute. She's super serious so it's cuter."

"The way she talks is so addicting lol."

"Her tone of speech is super cute lolol."

"Chaeryeong and her fans are so cute and funny."

"I look like an octopus..lol."

"Her voice is so gentle and friendly. LOL."

"LOL, she so confused why her fans are hurting lol."

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looveLess6,392 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

I just don't understand why people say mean things to her when she's so adorable!



DMV2DMZ629 pts Wednesday, August 19, 2020 0
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Chaeryeong is like the hybrid of a chill associate of mine and Tamar Braxton. They all crack me up with minimal effort!



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