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A Japanese idol angers netizens as he states that TWICE and BTS were able to become popular worldwide only because of Korean national policy and their ability to speak English


Tegoshi Yuya, a former member of the Japanese idol group NEWS, has become the center of controversy when he recently undermined Kpop idol groups' efforts as he stated his opinion on the reason behind the success of TWICE and BTS

Tegoshi Yuya published an essay book titled "AVALANCHE" after leaving Johnny & Associates. The essay book was released on August 5 and includes scandal stories as he mentions the real names of the celebrities involved. It was also revealed that the essay includes even nude photos of the Japanese celebrity.

Currently, many netizens around the world are angered as Tegoshi Yuya undermines Kpop idol groups' efforts in achieving their popularity. 

He started by stating in the autobiographical tell-all essay book, "Kpop music is dominating global music industry wherever you go rather than Johnny & Associate's music. This is because Korea made it a national policy to support cultural art activities and have fiercely attempted to expand to the world."

He stated, "BTS, that debuted in 2013, has gained enough popularity to perform in the Grammys as a special performance, and have shone their light as they show their power in the billboard charts and through their sales profits from their albums. TWICE is composed of international members from Japan and Taiwan. So, it's possible for them to sing live in English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese."

He continued his essay as he stated, "If we studied English like BTS and were composed of international members like TWICE and attempted to expand worldwide, then NEWS or any idol from Johnny & Associate will be number one in the world. We would have made our way into America's Billboard charts."

Tegoshi Yuya stated that the popularity of Kpop idol groups such as BTS and TWICE came about because they were supported by national policy and because the Kpop groups spoke different languages. Many have interpreted Tehoshi Yuya's statement as 'Idol groups can only be successful with the support of a large agency and the country' and 'Kpop Idols were able to become worldwide famous because they speak different languages'.

Many global netizens have taken it to their social media to express their anger and also disagree with Tegoshi Yuya.

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cabbagejuice3,098 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 18
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

In japan you have to buy physical albums to get the music, so i-fans have very little access to jpnese music on streaming platforms. on top of it there is extreme copyright enforcement which prevents fans from spreading their content. you cant just dumb down your group's lack of success to "not knowing english." Japan strict laws and non-adapting industry limits its own global expansion, so why doesnt he take it up with the government? if hes rly that jealous then why doesnt he try to learn english himself? i doubt it will get him anywhere bc of the reasons i listed. also thats so shitty that he exposed nudes and other controversies about other people bc hes angry hes not famous...


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MENsplaining2,774 pts Wednesday, August 5, 2020 5
Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sounds more like he is pointing out flaws in the system he is a part of and saying that if they improved their system he thinks they could also compete internationally. I see nothing wrong with that at all. I am not into Jpop and don't listen to any of their groups but I see nothing wrong with wishing to do better and recognizing places where they could improve to make that happen.


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