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NCT 127's Taeyong explains his role as leader, shows a lot of affection for his team, & talks about their final goal


NCT 127's leader Taeyong is the latest idol group leader to sit down for 'News1's ongoing 'I Am The Leader' interview series!

See just how much affection Taeyong has for his team and his members through his interview below, and also find out what some of NCT 127's big goals are for the future!

Q: How did you become the leader of NCT 127?
"I didn't know that I would be chosen as the leader, it just happened naturally. When I was a trainee, the company said that I seemed to be full of passion and enthusiasm."

Q: What kind of leader do you think of yourself as?

A: "I am a leader who can say our given lines without making mistakes (Laughter). I am also trying my best to carry out my leader responsibilities with strong resolve." 

Q: When do the members need their leader the most?

A: "With every stage, there are detail differences in camera work, formations, etc, and someone needs to organize all of that between the members and the staff. When the members tell me their thoughts and opinions, I go to the staff to relay our position."

Q: They say that you're meticulous when taking care of your members.

A: "I think I get in everyone's business too much (Laughter). After finishing up filming for our schedules, I think about how the footage will remain forever, and so I don't want anyone to have any regrets about these things. That's why I try to pay more attention to small details when we are working. I'm big on seeing things through without regrets." 

Q: Which members help you out the most?

A: "Every member loves NCT 127 so much, and every member wants the team to succeed. We all have a strong passion for growth and recognition, so every member does their role. If I had to choose, Doyoung and Mark help me a lot. We discuss a lot of things about our performances. I am also grateful to have our oldest hyung Taeil. I'm always grateful that Taeil hyung recognizes me, and because of that, I try harder to be a good leader." 

Q: How do you manage communications between the foreign members of NCT 127?

A: "There are no communication mishaps on a regular basis. When it's time to hear long explanations about our schedules, there are some words that the foreign members find difficult. Yuta has a particularly hard time understanding complicated explanations, but you just have to explain it to him about three times. Then he's good." 

Q: What is NCT 127's final goal?

A: "I would like for every single member to be recognized for our talents, to the point that each member can have solo careers. I think that would mark the point that we become the most talented team. Our dream is to also become recognized artists, following in the footsteps of our SM Entertainment sunbaes." 

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quark12395Allkill VIP19,888 pts Friday, July 10, 2020 7
Friday, July 10, 2020

I know the trolls will be here soon, but I like Taeyong. You can tell he really is considerate of the members and is close with each of them.


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athalia-b1,128 pts Friday, July 10, 2020 0
Friday, July 10, 2020

This is extremely sweet and I'm happy that he's a great leader even through time times!



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