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Global voting opened to decide which six members of I-LAND will make their way to round 2


In the previous episode of Mnet's 'I-LAND', both the I-Landers and Grounders formed unit groups to take their third test. They formed vocal sub-units and dance sub-units. The fourth episode ended with the vocal sub-units of the I-Landers and Grounders each performing. Lee Gun Woo and Lee Seung Hee formed the vocal sub-unit for the I-Landers and sang BTS' "Butterfly" while, Kim Sun Woo and Daniel formed the vocal sub-unit for the Grounders and sang BTS' "Save Me".

The fifth episode of 'I-LAND' aired on July 24th KST and began with the dance unit performances of I-Landers and Grounders. The vocal sub-units were given their scores with the I-Landers receiving 81 points and the Grounders receiving 74 points. Then it was time for the dance sub-units from both the I-Landers and Grounders to perform.

This time, the Grounder's team performed first with their sub-unit consisting of Jaeho, Nikki, and Nicolas. They performed a powerful dance medley consisting of acrobatics which the judges seemed impressed with.

Next, the dance sub-unit for the I-Landers performed their dance medley. The team was composed of K, Sunghoon, and Jungwon. The I-Landers dance sub-unit was able to perfectly perform their dance medley as they showed off part of the intricate dance moves they had choreographed themselves.

After the dance sub-units finished their performance, the combined scores for both the I-Landers and Grounders were revealed with the I-Landers scoring a total of 154 points and the Grounders scoring a total of 139 points. Because the I-Landers had won this competition, there was no one who was dropped from the I-Landers and the Grounders remained at the GROUND.

The I-Landers were able to return and celebrate with their fellow trainees at the I-LAND.

At the end of episode 5, the fourth test was revealed to the trainees and this fourth test was the final test to determine the 12 trainees who will make it to part 2. It was revealed that only six I-Landers will be chosen to solidify their places into round 2 while the other six I-Landers will join the Grounders and await the results from the votes from global viewers.

The twelve final I-Landers will have their chance to compete in round 2 of the 'I-LAND' which will determine the debut boy group. Episode 5 ended without showing the performances of the final test of part 1. They only revealed the contestants' practice videos. The six members of I-Landers have not been revealed yet, so the viewers will begin their voting without knowing the results. 

Viewers can make their votes on the I-LAND page on Weverse of the six members who they want to see in round 2 of 'I-LAND'.

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dooda1,728 pts Friday, July 24, 2020 0
Friday, July 24, 2020

This contain a lot of spoilers why there is no spoiler warning?



9sfa303 pts Saturday, July 25, 2020 0
Saturday, July 25, 2020

I really hope sunoo makes it and I’m sure he will cuz a lot of people voted for him. I also hope Daniel makes it as well. Also I would give niki a chance to go onto top 12 so I would vote for him. Cuz we don’t really know at the moment the 6 people that are going to the ground after the 4th test, I don’t think the producers would vote jay out but I have a feeling that the I-landers would vote jay out so I would give him a vote to secure his position. Taki is a possibility for me cuz I like his personality and my 6th vote would go to hanbin. I’m angry that they didn’t show the grounders performance so my decision could be more clear but I would still vote for him cuz I like his dancing and his voice.he also rapped in the first episode and I thought he had a nice rap tone.



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