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Man raises eyebrows after being bitter that girl group members would date other men even though he spent thousands of dollars buying merchandise


A man has gained attention after he uploaded a post saying he regretted being a girl group fan. 

On June 4th, a post on Nate Pann gained attention because of the content. The former girl group fan titled the post, "I bought 100 copies, 150 copies of albums. I spent millions of KRW (thousands of dollars) on merchandise. I piled on a lot of credit card debt, but I was in my 20s so I just burned my money without knowing anything." 

The post dictates the former fan's bitterness when he became bitter that girl group members would date other men. He stated: "They sell these dating fantasies and mess with our emotions and desires. It makes us become delusional... There are people that say 'That's not me,' 'I'm not like that,' but everyone is like that. In the end, idols are going to get married to men with a lot of money anyways. "

He continued, saying: "These guys have luxury jobs in order to satisfy their needs" and were probably "athletes, entertainers, and businessmen. It's honestly ridiculous to be a fan of someone on the premise of marrying them, but it's what we all are deluded by. My life is getting more and more broken and my idols are laughing and meeting other men. I can't even display the merchandise I bought and they don't sell when I try to sell them, so I just threw it away."

The fan stated that he spent more than 20 million KRW (~16,300 USD) on food, gifts, and more products, saying that being a stan of an idol group was to give your life away to them so they could grow. 

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trogdorthe8th8,840 pts Thursday, June 4, 2020 17
Thursday, June 4, 2020

The man is disgusting, but he brings up a valid issue which many K-fans are not always willing to address. There are PLENTY of fans just like him both male and female that think just like he does, and while some of them might not go to the extents with their issues like he does, it doesn't make them any less at fault. This manner of thinking is why idols always have to hide the fact that they are dating or even interested in dating, because so-called "fans" will boycott them or demand punishment by the company. New groups and current popular groups deal with this, but even old-school groups still have to suffer with these issues (looking at you Sungmin of SUJU). I'm sorry, but many Knetizens can't sit here and act so shocked about this when many of them hold the same mentality and try to tell international fans "Well that's what being an idols is all about. If they don't want to stick to those guidelines then they shouldn't be an idol". He's sick for certain, but he's not the only one out there that thinks like this- he just happened to be more vocal about it.


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Ok_keO597 pts Thursday, June 4, 2020 6
Thursday, June 4, 2020

This is how I feel about the "stan" mentality. You become delusional and throw your life away while chasing and praising these idols, while they flourish and grow. Not saying, don't SUPPORT your idols, but stanning them, giving all of your time, money, and effort into someone who doesn't even know you exist will hit you hard once you grow up or once life hits you the face. It's why I will never claim to stan anyone, but I will support them how I see fit. Buying ONE album, or concert tickets, or watching some of the shows they are on. But the idol industry creates this cult like following, where in order for your faves to thrive, YOU need to give up so much. So don't stan, but support; in the end it's healthier. I can not imagine spending $16,000 on something that literally has no value. That's a whole car or a home down payment in Texas.


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