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Jeon So Mi's father talks about how he wasn't able to provide more attention to his second daughter


On June 4, singer Jeon So Mi's father Matthew Douma appeared as a guest on MBC every1's 'Welcome, First Time in Korea?' along with his second daughter, Evelyn!

During this episode, Matthew Douma surprised his second daughter Evelyn with a trip together to a Buddhist temple stay in Busan. Matthew Douma said, "Raising my first daughter took a lot of energy. Now, I'm a bit older, and I want to do things for my second daughter that I didn't get to do for my first." 

When the father and daughter arrived at the Buddhist temple, Matthew Douma also added, "I want the Korean Buddhist temple culture to be better known across the world, like K-Pop. I've been coming here with my kids for about 9 years. So Mi likes to visit here and rest when she has a lot on her mind." Soon after arriving at the temple, the father and daughter separated as Evelyn enjoyed her day playing with friends, receiving martial arts lessons, picking green tea leaves, and more. Matthew helped out with manual labor around the temple, sharing that it was also his own form of spiritual exercise.

Later, Matthew opened up about his two daughters, commenting, "So Mi's career is a field where if she makes even one mistake, everything can dissolve away instantly; which forces me to look after her more attentively. In that way, I wasn't able to provide Evelyn with more attention, and it's my fault. I want Evelyn to become whatever she wants to become in the future, but I want her to grow up strong." 

Check out some clips from Matthew Douma and Evelyn's appearance on 'Welcome, First Time in Korea?', below!

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trogdorthe8th8,840 pts Thursday, June 4, 2020 0
Thursday, June 4, 2020

This is the hard reality for anyone who has a child in the entertainment industry, regardless of what part of the world you're from. Because they're so young and there's so many 'wolves' out there, you really need to have a strong and doting parent there to make sure all will be well for them. This can definitely lead to a lack of focus on other children you have when one becomes a star of sorts, so it's fortunate that they have such a wonderful mother to be there and look after little Evelyn. I imagine it must be difficult worrying about the loss of bonding time he's had with her, so hopefully now that Somi's older and can somewhat stretch her wings a bit he can have more of that one on one time with Evelyn.



quark1239511,317 pts Thursday, June 4, 2020 0
Thursday, June 4, 2020

I'm glad that he's aware of it and is working to correct it. I remember how supportive he was of Somi on Sixteen. Evelyn deserves that too.



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