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Netizens argue over whether Hong Suk Chun should give a statement regarding the Coronavirus outbreak in Itaewon's gay clubs


Netizens are debating over whether entertainer Hong Suk Chun should give a statement regarding the coronavirus breakout in Itaewon's gay clubs. 

The controversy is arising as one individual has been reported to have gone to 5 clubs in Itaewon while infected with the Coronavirus. As Hong Suk Chun is a frequenter in Itaewon and owns numerous restaurants in the area, comments on Hong Suk Chun's Instagram account demand that the openly gay entertainer explain that he was not present at the club. 

Many netizens are saying that he needs to be tested and that he should speak up about this incident after previously speaking out numerous times against churches in Korea who continue to meet despite the outbreak. 

Many people are commenting, saying: 

"Please talk about the outbreak caused because of the gathering at gay clubs. You spoke out about people meeting in religious places, so you should address this too." 

"Please tell those people who went there to get tested."
"He should say something regarding this issue because he's openly gay."

However, others are defending him, saying: 

"Why are people asking Hong Suk Chun to give his opinion? Then because you're a human, you should apologize on behalf of the humans who do wrong."

"Don't you think this is cyberbullying? Why do people who act as they care so much about society fail to think of this?"

"If you want to say something, DM him. Don't comment on pictures of his parents." 

Hong Suk Chun has repeatedly spoken up on Instagram regarding the blatant indiscretion churches were practicing by continuing to meet despite the need for social distancing.

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Monday, May 11, 2020

Hong Suk Chun is not responsible for every LGBT person in Korea and to the best of my knowledge he is not their chosen spokesperson so why should he have to answer for a club that was open legally? It's not as though straight people aren't gathering in crowds either. The difference between the cult/church who was intentionally spreading the virus as a collective effort is much different than a group of individuals going to a club but many Koreans are using this as a way to dehumanize the gay community in Korea. The current wave of homophobia in Korea is becoming as dangerous as the Coronavirus itself.


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Monday, May 11, 2020

bruh knetz are a diff breed i swear



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