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Netizens say to leave the friends who pull this kind of April Fool's prank on you


A popular text message April Fool's prank is being criticized for its insensitive nature. 

On April 1st, a post was made on a popular online community forum that showed a text pretending to notify the receiver that the sender was dead. 

The text reads: "[WEB sender] Gacheon College Hospital 7th morgue deceased *** Name redacted (age 18 years old) 2020, April 1st 12:14 was rushed to the hospital after a car accident. Died of over bleeding at 12:51. *** Name redacted's handphone registered your number so that all messages would be forwarded to you." 

 Netizens are criticizing this prank saying: 

"Isn't a rule not to play pranks about death?"

"You need to beat that person up until you get a message like that on April 2nd."

"I can't say much given that they're saying they died instead of their friend, but I wouldn't be surprised if they lost their friend." 

Excessive April Fool's Day pranks can lead to fines and prison time, spending up to 5 years in prison and being fined 10 million won (~8,000 USD). There may be additional charges without negotiation due to the fact that cases like this cause police to waste their time to investigate and punish the malicious pranksters. 

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FamilySadist347 pts Wednesday, April 1, 2020 5
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

When April fools pranks are taken more seriously than rape crimes..


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pink_oracle8,436 pts Wednesday, April 1, 2020 0
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

You'd have to actually have a learning difficulty to think sending this is funny.



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