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Lee Dong Guk and his wife under heavy criticism for encouraging unhealthy beauty standards on their twin 8-year-old daughters


Former 'Superman is Back' member Lee Dong Guk and his wife are under heavy criticism for a recent YouTube video they posted of their twin daughters, Seola and Sua

Seola and Sua were born in 2013. A recent YouTube video of the twins has sparked so much controversy that the channel, run by Lee Dong Guk's wife, eventually deleted the video. The video shows Seola and Sua putting on makeup while saying they wanted to be prettier. 

In one part of the video, Sua states: "I am concerned because I gained too much weight. But why are there so many delicious things in the world?" Both twin girls were seen adeptly putting on lipstick and skin makeup as well. 

Sua continued, saying: "I was so pretty back then. Now I'm ugly. That's why I think I should put on makeup. My mom says it will go to my height later. So it's ok if I eat a lot." She continued putting herself down, saying: "If I do this, I will become pretty too." Seola also concerned netizens when she stated: "I didn't know I would be this pretty. There are things I must be patient with if I went to be pretty, including pain."

Many netizens claimed that the parents should be held responsible for the posted content and criticized both Lee Dong Guk and his wife, saying: 

"It's one thing to like makeup but it's clear that they were told what to say and do."

"Lee Dong Guk's wife is responsible for this." 

"This was way too much." 

What do you think? 

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Its Lee Dong "Gook" not Lee Dong "Wook" by the way!


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Monday, April 6, 2020

I'm sorry, but throughout their time on Superman and even in the photos they choose to put online there is definitely mega favouritism towards their other children. Whether cos of their perceived talents or 'prettiness'- Sua definitely seemed like the least 'favourite child'. And Seola seemed to only be praised for her talent for gymnastics.

It seemed to always go:


The Twins (tennis player first, followed by model)



-I always skipped past their parts because it was painful.

It's actually soooo concerning that these kids have internalised such weight shaming and beauty standards at such a young age.

Society, particularly k-beauty standards, is unreal and that is definitely part to blame, but (and I'm sorry to be that person [they definitely seemed to love their kids and care for them, not denying that at all]) but these feelings have become ingrained- to the point that they feel it's 'normal' to just casually say them.

If I saw my child saying this on a video I would challenge them and then seriously question whether I would put this video up. But they didn't which raises massive red flags to me.



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