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k-pop Idols look-alike


*the following content is not intended to hurt or offend anyone*

1.S.coups & Wooseok

They resemble each other but not exact copies

S.coups & Kang Ha-Neul

The pair almost look like father and son!

2.T.O.P, Donghae, Hong Jonghyun, Jacob & Kim Woo Bin

These people seem to share surprisingly similar features

3. Daehyun, Baekhyun & V

They look like a family!

4.Jongho & Jonghyun

Jongho looks like a younger and chubbier version of the talented late Shinee member Jonghyun, and they both share the trait of amazing vocals!

5.Mino, GD & Xiumin

Sometimes you might even mistake Xiumin and Gd for each other

6.Yook Sungjae & Yoo Young-Jae

Their names are also so similar!

7.Suga, Junyoung, Woozi & CL

This group looks like a family with very feline-like characteristics!

8.Ravi & Lee Sun-Kyun

They look like father and son!

9. San & B.B Trippin's Uzin

This dancer almost looks like he is San big brother!

   *Thank you very much for reading!*

  1. San
  2. Jongho
  3. Youngjae
  4. Daehyun
  5. T.O.P
  6. G-Dragon
  7. Sungjae
  8. V
  9. SUGA
  10. Baekhyun
  11. Hong Jong Hyun
  12. Kang Ha Neul
  13. Kim Woo Bin
  14. Lee Sun Gyun
  15. Wooseok
  16. S.Coups
  17. Woozi
  18. Jonghyun
  19. Donghae
  20. Jacob
  21. Ravi
  22. Song Min Ho (Mino)
  23. CL
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