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Youtuber Danbi says she was sexually harassed after being accused of school violence


Famous influencer and Youtuber Danbi has been wrapped up in controversy due to alleged school violence. 

On March 11th, a picture was revealed on her Instagram story with the caption: "What situation is this?". The post and title read: "I posted about an Instagrammer and Youtuber who used to be bully and my comment got deleted. Wow chills you were living like this? Did you even apologize to the people you took money from and scared? I got chills seeing the comments on your videos. You were forced to transfer schools because you smoked cigarettes and took people's money. You said you wanted to go on Superstar K to become a celebrity and hit my shoulder in the hallway, asking me if I was going to go on the show too, telling me to sing. I remember this. At least apologize for making transferring, taking my money, and admit to being a bully before becoming a Youtuber." 

Danbi made an Instagram story in reply, saying:

"The reason why I was forced to transfer was that the school principal sexually assaulted me and I sued him. That's why I transferred and everyone in that area knows. If I'm a bully because my friend said I was pretty and were nice to me, I guess I'm a bully. But if you said I hurt you, then shouldn't you have contacted me privately? I guess all the hurt you gave me wasn't wrong to you then. Haha, I literally am dumbfounded. That was when I didn't know anything. I was given advice telling my friends to just give money for my birthday. My friends did the same so I don't know why I'm the only one who's getting cursed. My very bold and brave friend, I'll begin the suing process. Let's meet each other face to face soon." 

However, Danbi faced fiery criticism for this, with many saying that this was no different than extorting money from other people. 

After the flood of criticism, Danbi acknowledged her wrongdoing in another Instagram story, saying:

"I think there are many people who are disappointed in me. I will organize this once again. I transferred schools because the school principal sexually assaulted me. At age 14, I foolishly received birthday money with my friend. I started volunteering at school and picked out my bad parts due to the school's influence. I think its a big crime and I will reflect upon my actions and apologize. I'm sorry. I didn't transfer schools because of school violence. Also, I will take my criticism sweetly, but if anyone uses comments to distort the truth or talk about me beyond reason, I will proceed to sue them for defamation."  

What do you think of this situation? 

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keylover0923265 pts Thursday, March 12, 2020 0
Thursday, March 12, 2020

My friends and I all agreed to give birthday money instead of gifts... I guess I extorted money, my bad



pink_oracle8,493 pts Thursday, March 12, 2020 0
Thursday, March 12, 2020

This accuser seems to have a personal thing against her. Asking for money for your birthday isn't a crime or an act of bullying. The hitting the shoulder thing is a bit obnoxious but damn, girl was assaulted by an adult. There's times when you have to say, 'that person was hurting too, lets all just stop hurting each other'.



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