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YoonA confirmed as female lead of JTBC's new journalist drama, 'Hush'


Girls' Generation's YoonA has confirmed her next project - JTBC's new drama 'Hush'!

Set to air some time in the latter half of 2020, 'Hush' revolves around individuals who work at a newspaper agency, and their competitive lives as journalists. Veteran actor Hwang Jung Min was previously confirmed as the story's male lead, and now, YoonA will be taking on the role of an intern journalist named Lee Ji Soo. YoonA will be showcasing a mentor-mentee chemistry with Hwang Jung Min.

Do you like the premise of JTBC's 'Hush' so far?

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wmusichope65 pts Wednesday, March 25, 2020 5
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Multitalented Queen Yoona will be the female lead of kdrama 'Hush', well that is her decision and I'll respect it. Congrats.


💌 My Message to Yoona:

"Experts have chosen you the best actress, and you deserve it but Experts chose you as the most multi-talented gg's member too, You are a brilliant multi-talented kpop artist, do not forget, the music can cross more borders in less than 6 minutes and also give strength and hope to more people in difficult times. I am not sure if'll be able to see your new kdrama this year because yesterday I volunteered to help people with few financial resources in these moments of coronavirus outbreak, they tell us that maybe we will work full time, also There are many of your fans who are military, soldiers, or recent graduates or professionals in medicine, nursing and many areas in health who are now working hard and even full time to try to save lives and help control the coronavirus in their countries while waiting the vaccine, that's why many of your fans don't have time to watch a kdrama, series, etc, nor time to be on social networks, but they wish you the best, and many your fans hope that you will make your official solo debut, your true official album with songs that can give us more strength and more hope in any difficult times (such as now → the coronavirus outbreak), please make music, you are a genius kpop artist, If SM or some hypocritical friend/ hypocritical co-worker try to discourage you, you don't listen to them!, ok, ONLY trust yourself, you 've amazing talents in the art of music and dance, You are still a multi-talented young woman who can make great masterpieces in music and dance, please do it, and please work with an international music producer with a lot experience and an expert international stylist too. The music can cross more borders, can break more barriers and give great hope and great strength to millions persons in the world, please do it, Thanks for reading (I hope she reads it)".



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landoxenf1,122 pts Wednesday, March 25, 2020 0
Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Well --- good luck.

you're a brilliant actress and kpop artist, dont forget it.

I hope she prepares herself physically and mentally for her new drama or any other new project. I hope she exercises a lot and eats healthy and balanced, I hope she doesn't eat too many carbohydrates like bread or pasta, or drink too much beer or soda because those are not very healthy foods or drinks.



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