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Stray Kids songs to listen to for encouragement


In 2017, JYP Entertainment provided the biggest bandaid for everybody’s personal wounds: Stray Kids.

After participating in a reality survival show of the same name, Stray Kids made their official debut on March 25, 2018, with their EP ‘I Am Not.’ While originally a nine-member group, member Woojin left the group in October 2019. The group is currently composed of Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

What makes Stray Kids stand out is the fact that they are entirely self-made: from the formation of the group to the producing of the songs, Stray Kids does everything on its own, making their music all the more authentic.

Stray Kids’ songs are full of meaningful lyrics — check some songs to listen to when you’re feeling down.


Don’t know any other way, I’mma get it

For a long time, gotta go

Only looked at one place for a long time

So where do you want me to go?

Yeah, this is my last time, I won’t give up

Look at the night sky, Imma show it

Look at the bright stars, gotta glow

It’s like us, shining brighter in the darkness

Grow Up

You’re doing enough

You’re doing just fine

I know you and you’re trying your best right now

That’s all you need

Just keep your pace

Don’t be nervous, trust yourself

My Pace

No need to rush, my pace

Don’t compare

It’s alright to go slowly

Go on your own path, my lane

Put down your impatience

Just keep looking forward

You ready, let’s go


Put away all other thoughts, do whatever you want

Don’t be deceived, you know that’s not true

Please just do whatever you want

Just stop it now, please

I wanna think simple thoughts

No need to care about everything

There’s so many voices

Mixtape #2

Don’t close your eyes again

There’s a shadow where the light shines

When you turn around

A bright light will be waiting for you

My Side

I hope you’ll hear the lyrics of this song

The lyrics for you won’t flow away

And will be there for you, stay

Mixtape #3

The real-time spirit and mind

It’s only natural that you’re confused

It’s a process to make good results

You’ve took so many tests

This is not different, “It determines your life”

That is an exaggeration, so don’t worry, you’re doing fine

We’re still young I don’t think it’s the last one

We suffered in the past But we cheered ourselves up again

You endured the hardships and adversity

Keep believing in yourself

Mixtape #4

Even if I’m swept by the endless current

Don’t stop, go forward on my path

Even if I can be swayed, I’ll never be broken


I wanna be myself (I don't care)

Yeah, I gotta be myself (Just don't care)

And now that your weight's come off my shoulders

I realize that I can fly

I needed to find me (Now I know)

The key was inside of me all along

I'm listening to my heart, let it guide me

I feel the light, I feel the light

Story That Won’t End

Even if you get lost and get lonely for a moment

Listen to my small breath, my voice

If you call me, I’ll find you, wherever you are

I promised I wouldn’t cry, even in stormy days

I promised to hold you even more warmly

And protect you

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Grow Up always makes me emotional



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