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Posted by hannahleex AKP STAFF Thursday, March 26, 2020

Important messages ITZY shared with fans through "Wannabe"


ITZY’s newest release, “Wannabe” has received a lot of praise from fans, not only because of the amazing track but also because of the incredibly meaningful lyrics. ITZY has previously released songs about staying true to yourself, like in their single “Dalla Dalla.” Check out some of the important messages ITZY shared with fans through “Wannabe”!

잔소리는 stop it 알아서 할게

Stop with the nagging, I’ll do it on my own

When there are different voices trying to tell you to do different things, it can often get overwhelming. Even though others might have good intentions when giving you advice, sometimes you just need to trust yourself and do it on your own.

누가 뭐라 해도 난 나야

No matter what people say, I’m just me

It’s not easy to ignore the judgment of other people. In today’s society where we’re judged by looks, talents, and more, ITZY sends a reminder to all to stay true to yourself.

굳이 뭔가 될 필요는 없어

난 그냥 나일 때 완벽하니까

There’s no need for me to become something

Because I’m perfect when I am just me

Rather than comparing yourself to other people, tell yourself that you are perfect just how you are. Everyone has their own skills and talents — you shine brightest when you are just you!

I don't wanna be somebody

Just wanna be me, be me

I wanna be me, me, me

The chorus of ‘Wannabe’ isn’t just catchy — it’s meaningful. Replace the thought of trying to become like someone else, and take pride in who you are!

It's none of your business

I do my own business

When other people try to interfere with your plans in a negative manner or put you down, tell them it’s none of their business.


What are some of your favorite lines and messages from ITZY's "Wannabe"?

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pink_oracle8,321 pts Thursday, March 26, 2020 0
Thursday, March 26, 2020

I love Itzy. They're music is great, they're great. But it's been three singles about the exact same thing. 'I'm pretty no matter what people say. I'm cool because I do what I want. I don't have to meet anyone else's expectations'. But it is a great message in a country where women's right are a bit slow.

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