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AOA's Seolhyun caught up in Coronavirus controversy due to post by food columnist Hwang Gyo Ik


AOA's Seolhyun has been caught up in an unexpected controversy related to the Coronavirus after a post by food columnist Hwang Gyo Ik.

On January 29, Hwang Gyo Ik posted on his social media, "Before the Coronavirus, there was SARS, MERS, and Ebola, which all forked from the measles. Each of those times, there were a lot of news reports that bats were one source of the illnesses. Even though it was already well-known that bats were a source of the virus, Korean broadcasts still aired footage of people eating bats. It became an interesting mukbang, and viewer ratings went through the roof. No media outlet criticized that despite virus issues."
The food columnist then shared a clip of SBS's 'Law of the Jungle' from April of 2016, which featured Seolhyun reluctantly eating bat meat in the wild. Hwang Gyo Ik claimed that media is currently criticizing Chinese citizens for eating bats as it's considered a possible cause of the spread of the virus despite the fact that Korean stars were seen eating bats on TV as well. 

Following his post, the terms "Seolhyun bat" have been rising on real-time search portals. However, most netizens seem to be criticizing Hwang Gyo Ik as they're stating Seolhyun and the rest of the 'Law of the Jungle' cast members ate bat meat unwillingly and the show was not popularizing bat meat. 

What are your thoughts on the controversy?

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ARoberts71 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

SEOLHYUN shouldnt be the one caught up in this 'controversy'. The broadcasting agency must be blamed. Antis are too quick in targetting idols, thats what is happening



Andrada23973,623 pts 28 days ago 1
28 days ago

Why is she the one to blame? She did what she was told to do on the show.

It would be nice if people stopped eating weird things altogether, wild animals carry a lot of diseases and parasites.


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