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Netizens accuse Momoland's comeback single 'Thumbs Up' of plagiarizing miss A's 'Time's Up'


Back on December 25, Momoland's JooE appeared as a guest on MBC's 'Radio Star', where she gave viewers a sneak preview of her group's new comeback single, "Thumbs Up". 

However, some time after the broadcast, some netizens stepped up to accuse Momoland's "Thumbs Up" of plagiarizing a b-side track by miss A from 2012, titled "Time's Up". 

You can listen to a sample from JooE's preview on 'Radio Star' below:

And compare the above to miss A's "Time's Up", below (controversial portion of the song begins at ~ 1:27 mark)

Some netizens left comments like, "Again?? Heol...", "They're just so exactly the same that I'm laughing kekekeke", "Honestly the miss A version sounds so much better", "This is just like the same song...", "It sounds the same and the titles are way too similar", "Hmm, more like the same song sung by a different artist", "Maybe they're remaking it kekekeke", "Maybe their company actually likes creating these controversies", and more. 

What do you think of the accusations?

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MaeilKpop529 pts 21 days ago 2
21 days ago

To be fair, we can't judge the whole song from this short clip, but it does sound very similar to Miss A's song. It looks like after Momoland blew up with Bboom Bboom their company became terrified of trying anything different so they keep reusing the same sound (they were already criticized for Baam sounding too much like Bboom Bboom and this one has the same vibe). If MLD doesn't get some new leadership Momoland's company could end up being their downfall, they've already mismanaged them badly by losing 2 (probably 3) members and ignoring the fans' requests/pleas/threats for answers.


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Violetta1232,867 pts 21 days ago 1
21 days ago

It's certainly similar enough from that snippet to raise questions. The rest of the song may be different but that bit was very close.


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