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[theqoo] TVXQ's Tokyo Dome Concert's Seating Status Today


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1.Even on a week day the seats are all full

2.They are the best

3.Pearl red never dies

4.TVXQ is the tour king

5.Wow, it's a week day. Great!

6.What's TVXQ's charm? (I'm not trying to downgrade them, I just wonder how a group can still have a lot of loyal fans in a foreign country for over 10 years)

7.No group can match TVXQ's stage presence

8.Wow, even the most popular J-pop artists can't fill the venue in a week day

9.TVXQ is really a big idol for their juniors

10.Honestly their stage performances are much better than the album. They are sweeping all the money away

11.It's a week day, most of people in Japan work until night

12.They even sold the limited-view seats. How can people watch them?

13.They're performing there for 3 week days, all of them were sold out, even limited view seats.

14.Wow, is this possible?

15.165,000 spectators in 3 days.

16.Let's sweep the YEN away~

17.They've been doing this only with 2 people...

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Red ocean will always be a beautiful thing 😍 I wrote it a lot of times and I am going to write it again: ''Japanese fans are the most loyal fans you can have''. 👌 Proud of them TVXQ always knows how to give a show 👏


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Thursday, November 21, 2019

TVXQ class



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