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HyunA opens up about her mental health


HyunA candidly opened up about her mental and physical health. 

On November 28, HyunA shared how she has been feeling and trying to manage her mental and physical health. She also told her fans that she will take better care of herself. Below is the full translation of her Instagram post. 

Hi Hello my fans and anyone who has been supporting me. I don't know if this is the right choice or not, but I decided to share it after thinking for a long time. 

To be frank, I have been dreaming of being on stage since I was very little. Somehow I have made my dream come true and I garnered a lot of love and attention growing up. I always thought I had a lot of opportunities for me so I was thankful and honestly, that had me excited. Sometimes I felt sorry for that. Time passed by and I became an adult after debuting. I felt pressure to not make any mistake or I would face consequences. I did not look back without realizing I was sick because I wanted to be chosen by everyone or anyone. But I thought I was okay because I had good people around me and my fans were supporting me. It was 2016 when I first realized I was not okay. After deferring to make a doctor's appointment for years, I finally did in 2016 and was shocked to hear that I had depression and anxiety. I think I did not believe that diagnosis for another year. Now, I continue to see my doctor biweekly, and I try not to think of it badly as many of you are supporting me. But then one day, I couldn't see and I collapsed soon after. It happened a few more times. I thought it was one of the panic attacks from my anxiety but my doctor recommended going under detailed checkup. I was diagnosed with vasovagal syncope. At first, I was devastated and did not want to share this with anyone. I wanted to be on stage. I thought no one would hire me if I were to pass out frequently or knew I was sick. 

But I couldn't keep the secret for so long. I felt sorry for those who trusted and gave me a job whenever I was shooting a commercial or performing on stage. I have worked up enough courage to finally be upfront of who I am and what I am going through. I will take better care of myself but I guess no one can be perfect. I think it's not too late to love and take care of myself. I will always be honest like now from now on. Thank you for reading.  


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안녕 안녕하세요 우리 팬들 아잉 또는 저를 좋아해 주시고 관심 가져주시는 많은 분들 이게 맞는 선택일지 아닐지는 저도 모르겠지만 많이 생각하고 또 생각해 선택한 것이기에 진짜 제 이야기를 해 볼까 해요 사실 저는 아주 어릴 적부터 무대 위에 서려는 꿈을 갖고 있었어요 그러다 보니 꿈을 이루었고 또 생각하지도 못했던 사랑들을 관심들을 마음을 정말 많이도 받고 성장과정을 가져온 것 같아요 어린 시절부터 저에게는 유독 많은 기회들이 있다고 생각해서인지 늘 감사했고 솔직히 신났어요 그럴 때면 미안함이 들기도 했고요 그렇게 시간이 지나 제가 데뷔 이후 성인이 되었고 제가 하는 모든 일은 책임을 져야 한다 실수해서는 안 돼 누구에게나 선택받는 사람이고 싶은 욕심이 생겨 앞만 보고 달려갔어요 제가 아픈지도 모르고 있었죠 그래도 주변에 늘 함께해주시는 좋은 분들 그리고 팬들이 항상 함께였으니까 괜찮은 줄로만 알았어요 미루고 아니라며 괜찮다고 넘겨오다가 처음 2016년 병원을 가보고 나서야 알게 되었어요 저도 마음이 아픈 상태였단 걸 몸이 아프면 약을 먹는 게 자연스러운 것처럼 감기에 감기약을 먹어야 하는 것처럼 늘 단단해왔던 저였기에 우울증과 공황장애라는 진단이 믿기지 않았죠 일 년은 믿지 못 했던 것 같아요 지금은 자연스럽게 이주에 한번 꾸준히 치료받고 있고 나쁘게 생각하지만은 않으려 해요 많은 분들이 함께해주기 때문에 그러다 처음 앞이 뿌옇게 보이더니 푹하고 쓰러졌어요 여러 번 이것도 공황장애 증세 중 하나려나 하고 넘어가려다 의사선생님 말씀에 대학병원에서 뇌파 등 이것저것 검사를 해보고 알게 된 사실은 미주신경성 실신이라는 병이 있더라고요 뾰족한 수가 없는 멍했어요 무대에 서고 싶은데 내가 이렇게 자주 푹하고 쓰러진다면 내가 아프단 걸 알면 누가 날 찾아주려나 제일 먼저 걱정이 앞서서 누구에게도 알리고 싶지 않았어요 근데 비밀이란 게 오랫동안 지켜지면 좋으려만 푹푹 쓰러질 때마다 혼자 속 졸이며 미안하고 또 미안한 마음이 들더라고요 광고나 스케줄 소화 할 때면 행사할 때면 절 믿고 맡겨 주시는 많은 분들께 죄송했어요 그래서 제 마음이 조금이나마 가볍고 싶어 이렇게 솔직하게 얘기하게 되었고 조심스러웠지만 숨기지 않고 용기 내서 얘기해보았어요 앞으로도 씩씩하게 잘 지내려고 노력할 테지만 사람은 완벽할 수만은 없나 봐요 늦지 않았다고 생각하고 제 자신을 사랑하고 보살펴주려고요 지금처럼 용기 내어 솔직할 거고요 읽어주셔서 고맙고 감사합니다

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red_beryl4,077 pts Thursday, November 28, 2019 0
Thursday, November 28, 2019

Mental health is just as important as physical one. So the sooner people stop treating it like something non-existent and weird, the sooner more people would be able to get help.

I love Hyuna and I'm glad she shared this with her fans and public



orangemaster917 pts Thursday, November 28, 2019 0
Thursday, November 28, 2019

How brave of her to ask for help especially about her mental health. It truly hard to ask for help especially if you have depression and anxiety because your mind had put you in your weakest position in life.

Lets be kind to everyone because we don't know what goes through their minds and maybe we could save someone by simple acts of kindness.



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